Monday, October 26, 2009


I know there are a handful of Mets fans who read the blog, so I really don't mean to pour salt in the wounds. But how incredible is it that, in a season in which the Metropolitans spent 150 million dollars and lost 92 games due mostly to injuries to essentially every good player on their team, that the World Series title with either be awarded to their most hated rivals or their also-hated crosstown rivals who already own the city?

How many times have you heard someone say "Just when you thought things couldn't get an worse" in reference to the Mets this year? And invariably, impossibly, they've gotten worse. Madoff, the logo, Beltran, Reyes, J.J. Putz, the Castillo drop, him spraining his ankle walking down the dugout steps, Bernazrd, Minaya & Rubin, trading for Jeff Francoeur, the home run apple malfunctioning, Santana's surgery, structural damage to Citi Field, David Wright's concussion and subsequent oversized helmet, and now this. At one point, I even compared them to the Knicks.

I'm rubbing it in, aren't I? Sorry, I'll stop. If you don't want to watch the World Series this year, we'll understand.


  1. Hey, the Frenchy/Church trade actually worked out well for them. I honestly think that's the best thing that happened to the Mets all season. Sad. :(

  2. there was a dude from WFAN on the channel 5 morning show [tv] as a guest. he was a mets fan and jokingly said it's hell right now, but would let his heart decide who to root for when game 1 begins

  3. As much as I panned that trade when it happened, I have to agree that Frenchy performed pretty well for the Mets.

    That said, what type of commitment are you willing to make to him moving forward? Were his three months with the Mets a legitimate indication of him turning the corner, or were they a small sample size fluke? With the Mets, he saw just 0.06 more pitches per PA, his K rate increased, his walk rate decreased, his BABIP jumped 60 points, and his plate discipline numbers were largely unchanged.

    If I were a Mets fan, I'd be very hesitant to commit dollars or years to him based on 300 plate appearances.

  4. I know it is no where near ideal but I just do not understand all the Mets fans that don't know who to cheer for. If it was Mets/Sox there is no way in hell I'd be for the Sox and I keep hearing about Mets fans that apparently hate the Yankees more than their Division rivals who have made them their b!tch the last few years. I don't get it.

  5. well supposedly the nyc economy will benefit from an influx of 12 million dollars per W.S. game [in the bronx implied], so remember all you mainly-in-queens-mets-fans, you live in nyc too.


  6. And yeah - I don't understand Mets fans that will actively root AGAINST the Yankees so they root for the Phillies. Uh, are they ignoring the fact that Rollins, Howard, Victorino, and Hamels, among others, completely shit-talk them all the time?

    Matt, I was the one that made the Frenchy comment, and I agree that it could be a fluke, but the Mets don't have many better options. Don't pay him a fortune, but he's worth something for sure. I'm not a Mets fan, but he was really tremendous for the team. Toward the end, it really seemed like everyone gave up - except him.

  7. Delta Suite takes my $$$10/27/09, 9:33 AM

    You forgot the Sports Illustrated jinx. They picked Queens to go all the way.

    THAT started this whole mess!