Saturday, January 10, 2009

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers: Preview

The Panthers are 8-0 in Carolina this year. The temperature at the 8:15PM kickoff will be 39 Degrees. There will also be a 60% chance of precipitation.

This weather favors a ground game and other than the Giants there is no more lethal ground game in the NFL than the Carolina Panthers with their 1-2 combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Arizona ranked 16th in run defense during the season and shut down Michael Turner last week. Can they do it again? I don’t think so. Arizona ranked 32nd in the NFL in rushing offense. It is also expected to be without stud WR Anquan Boldin.

Delhomme is a seasoned veteran and him and Steve Smith/Mushin Muhammad should hook up for a few scores against an Arizona D that gave up 36 passing TDs in the regular season.


Carolina: 35
Arizona: 10

Creep Of The Week

Sorry, had to break the B&W code for this one...

Wow, Kyle Vanden Bosch. I'm gonna be honest. That's a little weird, brah. Did you really have to wear red contact lenses to psyche out the legendary Ravens offense, who was starting a rookie QB on the road?

Frank: Vanden Douche
Jay: They showed him from the side angle earlier in the game and I was like "Aaaahhhh... his fucking eye is bleeding!!!!"

The Titans deserved to lose for this reason alone.

Why Does Jeff Fisher Still Have a Job?

14 seasons with the Titans. His only accomplishment? Being 1 yard from winning Super Bowl XXXIV against the Rams' Greatest Show on Turf.

5-6 Postseason Record after his top seeded team lost to the visiting Ravens.

Regular Season record of 128-102 (.557)

Sure his players "love" him. However, is that really a good thing? Look at all the asshole coaches out there like Parcells, Belichick, and Coughlin. They aren't loved by there players but they are damn successful.

"Field Goal" Fisher Should Be Canned.Bud Adams is an idiot and horrible owner for accepting this lingering mediocrity. Titans fans deserve more.

Greatest Interview Ever

Adam "Pacman" Jones was just interviewed by James Brown on CBS. There will definitely more on this but here is possible the greatest interview question ever asked in the history of... um... the fucking universe.

JB: You were in an incident at a strip club in Las Vegas and Atlanta. What is it about strip clubs that you can't stay away from?

Pacman: Ya kno man, da strip club b lik da reglar club, nawmeen.

Baltimore at Tennessee: Preview

Due to stellar defenses on both sides (Baltimore ranked 2nd overall—including 3rd against the run; Tennessee ranked 7th overall—6th against the run), I think this game will undoubtedly be the most boring one of the weekend.

Baltimore shut down the Wildcat and should have no problem shutting down Chris Johnson and Lendale White. Kerry the Drunken Fairy isn’t exactly a world beater. As long as Joe Flacco doesn’t turn the ball over the Ravens should have no problem.

How many interceptions will Ed Reed have?

Baltimore: 13
Tennessee: 6