Saturday, July 4, 2009

Posada Gets The Pie

The Yanks added another walk-off win today, as Jorge Posada's 12th inning base hit plated A-Rod to end the long afternoon. Joba Chamberlain and A.J. Burnett tag-teamed the traditional pie in the face as Kim Jones interviewed Posada. He probably choked them both out with his urine soaked hands following the interview.

CMW was sharp through five, ran into trouble in the sixth, and then left with a shoulder issue. He was sent for an MRI. Pete Abe reports Wang is headed for the DL and will be out about a month. This could be a blessing in disguise. Another DL stint could allow Wang a full rehab assignment this time, provided the organization doesn't screw it up again, and hopefully allow him to work out the kinks against minor league comptetion. Abe further speculates the neither Aceves nor Hughes will take Wang's turn on Thursday. Nady can be moved to the 60 day DL to open a 40 man spot for someone (Sergio Mitre?) to start.

The bullpen, outside of David Robertson, was great today, with Brian Bruney, Phil Hughes, Mo, Phil Coke, and even Brett Tomko combining for 6 innings of scoreless work.

Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, and Posada all homered. Robbie Cano had another brutal day, going 0 for 6, running his RISP hitless streak to 20 at bats, and missing a sign in the twelfth leading to an ill-advised bunt attempt on a 3-0 pitch.

If you're watching the tube tonight, YES will be airing both the Lou Gehrig Yankeeography and Dave Righetti's 7/4/83 no-hitter.

I've been in Jersey all day with family, watching the game and playing whiffle ball. Good times. We're not quite in Asbury Park, but it's the Fourth of July, and it's close enough.

Game 80: Saturday In The Park

[The previews are abridged for holiday weekend purposes. Hope you understand. Because if you don't, you hate America.]

The Pitchers

The Song:

Saturday, in the park,
I think it was the Fourth of July,
Saturday, in the park,
I think it was the Fourth of July.
People dancing, people laughing,
A man selling ice cream,
Singing italian songs,
(fake italian lyric),
Can you dig it (yes, I can),
And Ive been waiting such a long time,
For saturday...