Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brandon Jacobs: Marine Biologist

Via Ralphie V., Brandon Jacobs took some of the money he got from his new contract and went to Disney World.

This shot was actually taken at Discovery Cove "A Place Beyond Words":

Enjoy an all-inclusive tropical vacation designed to fit into one unforgettable day. All it takes is a reservation to get to a place where friendly dolphins and birds welcome you to their home in an exclusive, secluded tropical getaway.

"Exclusive", "Secluded". Both words I instantly associate with a 30 acre theme park in Orlando, Florida.
Then experience the high point of your day as you befriend a delightful dolphin who welcomes you to share a swim in a tranquil lagoon.
Unless you are Brandon Jacobs and you get paired with a racist dolphin who refuses to take you for a swim.


DePaul, owners of a 0-18 conference record heading into the Big East Tournament just took down the #9 seed Cincinnati in the first round 67-57.

Piggy back rides for everyone!

If all goes well, I will be making a trip to one or more of the sessions of the Tournament this weekend and documenting the experience via the blurry digital camera pictures and ex-post facto snark that you have come to expect from this establishment.

Siena Saints Repeat MAAC Championship


Sorry, I got a little carried away. Last night the Siena Saints (from Loudonville, NY, my home town) beat Niagara for the MAAC Championship, the second of back to back championships for Siena. I had the pleasure of attending this contest, and had some pretty good seats, lower level row A.
(Sorry for the shitty pics, my camera is broke so these are from my phone.)

I am not going to lie, I was pretty drunk but I will give you a brief recap. Basically Niagara shot a ton of 3s, which they aren't very good at (9-37 or 24%), but got a lot of offensive boards as a result. Once Siena realized that they should just keep pounding the ball into the post, there wasn't much Niagara could do. The main thing was Siena's defense. The Saints were running a 3/4 court press for much of the game. When they started doing this ten minutes into the first half they were down by about 12. At half time it was tied, and they ended up winning by 7.

Now the Siena student section emptied into the isles with about 3 minutes left and were getting ready to rush the court (which is real classy when you are the #1 seed playing on your home court). At this point, I start thinking the following...I am 24 and am creeping near or am already at the age where it is not socially acceptable to rush the court. This and I am wasted, so I rushed the court and took some photos for verification.

(You thought ODB was dead? Thanks to Ed taking my pic.)

(Yaayyyy!!! For the record, I did not go to Siena, but I have lived about a mile away for 24 years and I was a monster (got my ass kicked) at Siena basketball camp for from 4th-8th grade.)

Now, I think Siena is probably going to get a 10 seed in the NCAA Tournament but could possibly get as high (or low? whatever, fuck off) as a 9 seed. They have had a pretty tough out of conference schedule and are #21 in the RPI. They also have tourney experience. Just ask last year's #4 seed Vanderbilt (and their queer square arena). But I hate all the speculation about rankings that is all over the webs so I am stopping there.

I will say this, if your team is playing Siena in round, you should be nervous.

(Unless they play Syracuse in which case Siena will be on the receiving end of some major pwnage.)

Finally I would like to congratulate John Nolan of Cornell for rushing his first court ever and for eating at Golden Fried Chicken (ghetto chicken joint in downtown Albany) all in one night.

No More Kellerman? Um, WHAT?

I haven't been listening to to The Max Kellerman Show that much since I started writing for this blog, but I had been tuning in since day one. When I first moved down here, I used to keep my car on the streets and move it twice a week for alternate side parking from 9:00 to 10:30 in the morning and at 10:00AM one day in late October of '06, Max popped on the NY Sports Talk Radio scene and had been a fixture ever since.

Then this morning, Cliff sent me this link.
1050 ESPN Radio and on-air host Max Kellerman have mutually agreed to end their relationship. Kellerman's final broadcast for the station was yesterday (March 9), 10AM - 1PM.

Tim McCarthy, the station's President and General Manager said: "Max is a highly articulate and passionate sports talk host and he brought a unique voice to our talent lineup. We wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors."

Kellerman added: "I had some great times at 1050. I appreciate everything Tim McCarthy, Aaron Spielberg, and everyone there have done for me over the years."

Until a full-time replacement is selected, 1050's evening host, Brandon Tierney, will host the weekday 10AM - 1PM slot.
Um, what happened? Was anyone listening yesterday? Did he say something out of line?


When he first came on the air, he used to talk about the episode of the Sopranos where Vito is up in New Hampshire, doing some carpentry and working a regular job for what is probably his first time. You can hear Vito having an internal dialogue, trying to guess what time it is without looking at his watch.

10:30? Gotta be. Hour and a half... lunch. The halfway fuckin' point.

Don't look at your watch. Not yet. Save it. Treat yourself.

Ten 'til eleven. Maybe five of?

Don't look. Think of those sandwices Jim made. When you've eaten that last bite, this fuckin' day is half way gone.

11:30, has to be. Look at the angle of the sun. Maybe even a quarter to 12?

Okay, look. Now.

Then he looks down at his watch, and it's only 9:55.
Kellerman used to say "The worst part of your day is now the best part of your day." It wasn't far from the truth. The show was originally on from 10AM-12PM, and then got extended from 10-1. Those hours flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. It probably helped that Max liked all the same teams that I did, especially the Yankees and Giants, but he almost always had a unique and interesting take you weren't likely to hear anywhere else.

This sucks. I wanted to get this post up for now, but in the near future, I'll put up a real deal tribute to the show, if in fact it really is done for.

[Update: 11:49]
His Wikipedia page has been updated to say:
Kellerman and ESPN radio ended their relationship on March 9, 2009. His time slot is currently being shared by Colin Cowherd and Brandon Tierney. Kellerman was forced out by new producers and managment who also forced out his mates Gordan Damer, Robin Lundberg, and Louie Gold earlier in the year. ESPN attempted to cut his hours on the radio. Max has the second largest radio following in New York, his loyal fans are waiting for his next show.