Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walka Walka Walkoff

Sorry for the delay but I was sitting in my car waiting to post that joke for 6 hours. 

Three different innings, three different players, three pies in the face. 

I think I'd settle for a regular old W tomorrow.

Game 37: Keep It Movin'

As A.J. Burnett looks to move the Yankees winning streak to 5, I'll be looking to keeping it movin' through some Sunday traffic on I-95. 

I am embarking on a bit of a road trip this morning to the homeland of Brett Gardner that should span most of this week. That means content is going to be scaled back a bit, but I'm hoping our other contributors will be able to fill in the gaps. The journey should include a minor league Yankees game, a concert and some other fun stuff, so I'll put up some posts if the experiences are sufficently interesting. 

Keep it movin', (do the K.I.M),
Keep it movin', (do the K.I.M),
Ain't got no time for shuckin' and jivin' (do the K.I.M.).