Saturday, December 12, 2009

College Football Saturday: The Army-Navy Game

Good morning Fackers. Much to your chagrin, or more likely your delight, this will be our last College Football Saturday, as nearly everything wrapped up last weekend. So you'll be spared my attempt to come up with something insightful or witty for 15 or 20 games.

Instead, there's just one game on the docket this week, and it matters. Not just because it's the only game, but because it's one of the top annual sporting events, and for these two schools, it's the only game that matters: The Army-Navy Game.

The game doesn't have the same impact on the national college football picture that it did in generations past, but it still matters for historic value alone. Wisely, the game was pushed back a week this year, removing from the shadow cast by the BCS Conference Championship Games, and leaving it in the spotlight all on its own. It will be broadcast on CBS at 2:30.

Navy enters today with a decided advantage. Their record is two and a half games better than Army. They've won the last seven meetings, nine of the last ten, and ten of the last twelve. Still, anything can happen in these rivalry match ups. We know the players taking the field today represent the best and brightest of our nation, and the amount of pride on the line in this game nearly negates any talent advantage. Navy already has their bowl invite wrapped up; Army clinches a berth with a win today. Our friend Simon shows us how Army is better.

Today's game will be played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Future sites are booked through 2017, but the possibility remains that it may come to Yankee Stadium after that - if the Yankees are still foolishly trying to hold football games there.

My uncle is an Annapolis grad, and both he and my aunt served in the Navy, so I'll be firmly in the corner of the Midshipmen today. Go Navy, Beat Army!