Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Slideshow Recap

This weekend was another barn burner, friends, which begins to explain the lack of posting.

If I didn't put in 7 hours of work today, or anyone besides Boston Bren, Kev-O, Burkey and our new lady friends from Jacksonville gave a shit, I could have written 1500 words on this weekend and still leave out some hilarious moments. (Like when Michael Kay walked in front of our section at the Big East Tournament on Friday night, and I drunkenly shouted/sang his radio show theme song and he gave me an acknowledging point).

There are at least two people we encountered over the last few days who are deserving of their own post. One is a Floridian friend (Claire, you forgot the rest of your bottle of Jim Beam at my apartment, baby). And let's just say that you Mets fans are going to be extremely ashamed of one of your compatriots. I get the feeling that one might be relatively popular around these here internets.

We again successfully infiltrated a team's pregame party at Stout (Lousiville), which is where the blurry cheerleader shot was taken. It was an extremely difficult feat. Without wearing any team colors, I was like "Woohooo! Go Cards!", gave the guy at the door with the porno mustache a high-five and walked right in. I can't take credit for the idea however, as Kev used the same brilliant technique to gain entrance into Pitt's party last year.

After we left the shindig, there was a fellow in a Syracuse sweatshirt and a ridiculously bright orange wig standing outside of the room. I walked up to him and said "Dude, you should try to sneak in to the Louisville party. Just tell them you lost a bet...".

The pictures at the end of the show were taken on the ferry to Weehawken. I could tell you what I was doing there, but then I would have to kill you.

If you watch closely, there may even be one picture of this guy.

/directs thumbs towards self.

Now look at those tags. If there wasn't a character limit, there would have been about 20 more.