Monday, January 5, 2009

Hurricane Brett Lands in Boston...

Boston College Football coach Jeff Jagodzinski has been contacted by the New York Jets to interview for their Head Coach job. Coach Jags, a native of Wisconsin, was an offensive coordinator for Favre in Green Bay in 2006--he did not call plays and the next season after he left the Packers reached the NFC Championship Game where they lost to the eventual World Champion New York Giants--before being appointed Tom O'Brien's successor at my alma mater BC.

BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo has apparently issued an ultimatum that if Jags interviews with the Jets he will be canned. DeFilippo, who understandably does not want the BC Head Coach job to be a 1-2 year springboard for the NFL, claims that he had an "understanding" with Coach Jags that Jags would not leave for the NFL for at least 3 full seasons at The Heights. It is generally assumed among BC fans that this "understanding" was never expressly incorporated into the contract. Also presumably missing is a buy-out clause in which any other college or pro team would have to pay BC restitution for hiring Jags. There is also speculation that Jags lied to GDF about the interview.

At this point, despite this warning and not being among the favorites for the job, Jags is dead bent on interviewing for the job. According to a reliable source, Jags has grown wary of recruiting. This is despite his prior experience in the college game.

It really is a shame that it has come to this. Post Tom O'Brien, Jags was a source of fresh air for the program.

Below is my assessment of the culpability of DeFilippo and Jags as of 6:30 on Monday January 5, 2009.

Jags: Deserves blame for accepting job knowing full well about recruiting, for failing to live up to "BC Guy" character, i.e. undivided loyalty to the school, maybe lying to GDF about the interview, for being stupid to move his family into such an unstable position--i.e. giving up a guaranteed job for a washed up, Vicodin addict NFL Girly Man #1 who is QB for one of the most pathetic franchises in sports--the New York Jets

Gene DeFilippo: An idiot for (probably) not inserting "No Shop" clause into Jags' contract that would prohibit him interviewing for another job, no buyout clause, for issuing an ultimatum before the interview instead of waiting until after interview to fire him, for making this a national news story on a Monday, for placing too much emphasis on the Vandy bowl game loss, for not allowing Jags to attempt to use leverage for a contract increase.

Moral of the Story: Get an important concession in writing.

Moral of the Story #2: If you are looking for a new job, do not get caught by your current employer.

Moral of the Story #3: NFL Girly Man #1 extends his reputation by wrecking another home.

brain cashmna is teh worrssstt!!1!1!!

Yikes. Peter Abraham's pinch hitter yesterday doesn't think too much of Brian Cashman, apparently. After laying out only Cashman's moves that haven't worked out (in hindsight) including some that Abraham points out had nothing to do with Cash, he drops this little gem:
On top of all this, His drafts have been putrid. Aside for Joba, which one of his draftees impacted the majors? He drafted Bronson Sardina over David Wright for crying out loud. How Cashman manages to escape the media’s criticisms is beyond me.
If you want to criticize a GM, this easiest, laziest and least meaningful way to do it. I just looked at the first forty picks of the 2000 draft. Guess how many guys whose names I recognized as legitimate major league players? Seven, or eight if you count Billy Traber. Grady Sizemore was drafted 75th, 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee 105th, 2007 NL Cy Young winner Brandon Webb 249th, James Shields 466th, and Jason Bay 645th. Ian Kinsler and Adam LaRoche were drafted back to back in the fucking 29th round with the two picks right after the Yankees took David Lindsay (who?). You get the picture. Why can you find good or even great players so late in the draft? Because player development and drafting are largely crapshoots. That's why there are multiple levels of minor leagues and the draft has 50 fucking rounds.

Well, that was a waste of time...

Sports Bigamy Alert!

Not too long ago, Kedra was palling around with Shawne Merriman and living at the Playboy Mansion. Now Hef has an open stall in his stable, and Kendra is getting married to Hank Baskett.

I know everyone has their own preferences, but if you like Chargers Kendra better, you are nuts.