Monday, January 5, 2009

brain cashmna is teh worrssstt!!1!1!!

Yikes. Peter Abraham's pinch hitter yesterday doesn't think too much of Brian Cashman, apparently. After laying out only Cashman's moves that haven't worked out (in hindsight) including some that Abraham points out had nothing to do with Cash, he drops this little gem:
On top of all this, His drafts have been putrid. Aside for Joba, which one of his draftees impacted the majors? He drafted Bronson Sardina over David Wright for crying out loud. How Cashman manages to escape the media’s criticisms is beyond me.
If you want to criticize a GM, this easiest, laziest and least meaningful way to do it. I just looked at the first forty picks of the 2000 draft. Guess how many guys whose names I recognized as legitimate major league players? Seven, or eight if you count Billy Traber. Grady Sizemore was drafted 75th, 2008 AL Cy Young winner Cliff Lee 105th, 2007 NL Cy Young winner Brandon Webb 249th, James Shields 466th, and Jason Bay 645th. Ian Kinsler and Adam LaRoche were drafted back to back in the fucking 29th round with the two picks right after the Yankees took David Lindsay (who?). You get the picture. Why can you find good or even great players so late in the draft? Because player development and drafting are largely crapshoots. That's why there are multiple levels of minor leagues and the draft has 50 fucking rounds.

Well, that was a waste of time...


  1. You could have got your point across with a lot less cussing. You are a vile human being and you disgust me.

  2. I disgust myself as well. I'll clean it up for you next time, sir.