Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No More Kellerman? Um, WHAT?

I haven't been listening to to The Max Kellerman Show that much since I started writing for this blog, but I had been tuning in since day one. When I first moved down here, I used to keep my car on the streets and move it twice a week for alternate side parking from 9:00 to 10:30 in the morning and at 10:00AM one day in late October of '06, Max popped on the NY Sports Talk Radio scene and had been a fixture ever since.

Then this morning, Cliff sent me this link.
1050 ESPN Radio and on-air host Max Kellerman have mutually agreed to end their relationship. Kellerman's final broadcast for the station was yesterday (March 9), 10AM - 1PM.

Tim McCarthy, the station's President and General Manager said: "Max is a highly articulate and passionate sports talk host and he brought a unique voice to our talent lineup. We wish him nothing but the best in all of his future endeavors."

Kellerman added: "I had some great times at 1050. I appreciate everything Tim McCarthy, Aaron Spielberg, and everyone there have done for me over the years."

Until a full-time replacement is selected, 1050's evening host, Brandon Tierney, will host the weekday 10AM - 1PM slot.
Um, what happened? Was anyone listening yesterday? Did he say something out of line?


When he first came on the air, he used to talk about the episode of the Sopranos where Vito is up in New Hampshire, doing some carpentry and working a regular job for what is probably his first time. You can hear Vito having an internal dialogue, trying to guess what time it is without looking at his watch.

10:30? Gotta be. Hour and a half... lunch. The halfway fuckin' point.

Don't look at your watch. Not yet. Save it. Treat yourself.

Ten 'til eleven. Maybe five of?

Don't look. Think of those sandwices Jim made. When you've eaten that last bite, this fuckin' day is half way gone.

11:30, has to be. Look at the angle of the sun. Maybe even a quarter to 12?

Okay, look. Now.

Then he looks down at his watch, and it's only 9:55.
Kellerman used to say "The worst part of your day is now the best part of your day." It wasn't far from the truth. The show was originally on from 10AM-12PM, and then got extended from 10-1. Those hours flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for lunch. It probably helped that Max liked all the same teams that I did, especially the Yankees and Giants, but he almost always had a unique and interesting take you weren't likely to hear anywhere else.

This sucks. I wanted to get this post up for now, but in the near future, I'll put up a real deal tribute to the show, if in fact it really is done for.

[Update: 11:49]
His Wikipedia page has been updated to say:
Kellerman and ESPN radio ended their relationship on March 9, 2009. His time slot is currently being shared by Colin Cowherd and Brandon Tierney. Kellerman was forced out by new producers and managment who also forced out his mates Gordan Damer, Robin Lundberg, and Louie Gold earlier in the year. ESPN attempted to cut his hours on the radio. Max has the second largest radio following in New York, his loyal fans are waiting for his next show.


  1. Does anyone know what happen that led to Kellerman essentially quiting ESPN ... again? Is it due to Cowherd taking over his last hour?

  2. To quote Billy Walsh: "Fucking suits."

    Sports Radio lost its most brilliant personality.

  3. Fack! There is absolutely nothing worth listening to from 10-1 now.

  4. Myth - This could have gone either way, not sure if Kellerman would have just quit, considering how much he seemed to like doing the show.

    Joe - Agree completely. It was really the only sports talk show I could listen to.

    Cliff - Certainly not Colin fucking Cowherd and his sniveling douchetasticness.


  5. This is a disgrace to NY sports radio listeners. Max is a freaking genius, and like everyone else here, is the only one on radio worth listening to.

    Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this and figure out why the man left. I hope Max gets another radio gig or does his own internet podcasts.

  6. Reason # 173764647883994784730 why ESPN blows

  7. I posted up a similar reaction.


    I'm highly annoyed. Tierney is just so damn dull and Beningo and Roberts just whine about how much their teams suck for 3 hours. How many times can you say the word Bro? And Cowherd isn't gonna talk a lick about NYC sports, how the hell is college football talk gonna fly in NYC when nobody cares about it. This pisses me off to the nth degree.

  8. This is an absolute travesty for New York radio. Kellerman is the only worthy sports radio host under 35. I'm tired of listening to old guys going on and on how tough and great the old players used to be. If he was forced out, 1050 should be boycotted.

  9. AA has a report that he might be teaming up with mike

  10. Anon - I really can't imagine that, considering Kellerman took a lot of shots at M&tMD when they were still together, and at WFAN in general. He compared 1050 ESPN Radio to Las Vegas and said that would make WFAN Reno.

    Money talks and WFAN would kill for some of the younger demographic, so I could see him usurping one of the earlier slots (10-1?)at WFAN possibly. He and Francesa would be a pretty volitale combination.

  11. The show was on the decline since Gordan Damer left like 2 years ago. But it was still BY FAR the best show on the radio. And even though I love college football. Cowherd is not right for NY............ fLuCk ESPN

  12. Dumb ass move by 1050. I'm gonna miss Max.
    I can't see him with Francesa though

  13. would be a great move for mike f. he takes espns #1 rated guy? young,articulate, ny based. whats the downside for him?

  14. I pray Max gets on the fan, I HATE HATE HATE colin coward. The guy spits drivel, wants to butt rap pete carrol, and hates all things NY. I swear I almost never have heard him say something positive about NY franchises.

  15. Max is the best thing in sports radio. Colin Coward won't survive in New York. FUCK ESPN!! Mike and Mike suck balls!

  16. Max sucked, thats why he's gone! All he talked about was who's the best rapper? Whats the baddest Animal? Dude needs a show on the discovery channel, not sports radio!!!

  17. Don't forget superhero baseball. I loved that shit. Better the Colin Coward, anything is better then that. Me farting into a mic for 3 hours is better then that.

  18. Just my .02 cents: Wow this sucks! Max was seriously a breath of fresh air on NY Sports Radio, the only guy who even mentioned boxing (and MMA.) The only way I can see him going to the FAN is giving him his own show, and pairing one of the other FAN guys with Francesca (and maybe the other one with Max).

  19. day 1 without Max dragged ass. he made the time fly by.ESPN SUCKS. i will not listen to ESPN without Kellerman

  20. We should have saw it coming when they fired Louie and Robin. Free Lundberg!!

  21. Max Kellerman is a condescending, pompous asshole, but his show was wholly original and will be missed because:

    1. Brandon Tierney is boring.

    2. There are now presently zero sports talk radio hosts who give a fuck about boxing.

    3. The same fuck-offs who couldn't give a shit about boxing are syncophantic whores when it comes to Tiger Woods.

  22. Max say it aint so. Where else will I hear about rally killing home runs
    john in South Carolina

  23. Why is ESPN fucking with my 1050?!!!!! I hope ESPN, Mike and Mike, Colin all burn in hell for this travesty.

  24. Have hope, Max will be back:


  25. So, now we have the mind numbing shit that comes out of Mike and Mike's unoriginal mouths butted up next to BT???
    ESPN must think all their listeners are baby boomer douche bags that enjoy Mike and Mike flirting with each other. Why dont Mike and Mike just get it over with and Fuck right on air?
    Sorry, just in a bad mood after turning the radio on again and hearing BT's voice.
    Fuck you ESPN. Fluffy rinky dink Disney garbage.

  26. This is a travesty! I moved out of state for 3 years and recently returned in August of 08, and my brother told me about Max having a show. From the first day i tuned him in i was locked! He was Hilarius, smart, witty, and of course he praised my NY teams. What more could i ask for. Now that he's gone im stuck with these boring old farts who all sound the same with the same crappy material. The only person i somewhat still enjoy is Beningo. MAX, ya gotta come back!!

  27. Being like most New Yorkers, I could give a rat's ass about Golf, Hockey, NASCAR, Tennis, Horse Racing, and College Sports (until the Final Four, at least). Max was the guy I could relate to. He was a must-listen. Unlike the rest of ESPN, he did not fawn over Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, andfreaking Dale Earnhardt Jr to name a few. New Yorkers need to hear about New York things. We don't need to hear about some girls softball team in Indiana, or how many games Pat Summit won. Who cares!! Leave that boring crap for Mike & Mike. Max to WFAN please!!!

  28. Man, i'm pissed. 1050 now has turned into exactly what WFAN was before they got on the dial. Their entire roster is now trash. Mike and Mike have jumped the shark. BT is useless, and insulting him is a waste of everyone's time. Colin Cowherd? They took him off of NY Airwaves for a reason before. Kay is a self-righteous idiot. However the worst thing they've done aside from letting Max go is putting Lagreca up like he knows anything. The guy is a total idiot who knows nothing about anything except hockey. As noted correctly in one of his final broadcasts, Kellerman actually took ratings away from 97.1 FM and 105.1 FM during his show hours. He was the rare sports talker who bridged the gap between young and old, and between races. I'll miss Max, and hope he lands somewhere on my XM Dial, or the Fan. But for now, 1050 is done on my dial.

  29. Funny the things you miss when they're gone. I was shocked and depressed yesterday when I went to download the podcasts to Tuesday and Wednesday's shows and all of a sudden realized it was downlaoding Colin Cowherd. What the f...? Max is appealing, energetic and informed. Whether it's the FAN or somebody else, don't sleep on this kid. I'll be checking for you somewhere else Max; Just make sure you make the podcast available for those of us out of state.

  30. What was Espn thinking???

    How can these people be in charge of sports broadcasting??? From time to time I called into the show and now feel like I lost a family member! ESPN has ruined my day, Max was THE MOST entertaining personality on NY radio, now they try and sell this national broadcast shit, HEY ASSHOLES WE ARE NEW YORKERS the rest of the country is IRRELEVANT!!!No one wants to here Mike and Mike, or Coward, or even Kay(just stick to yankee broadcasts cause your show is tired) We only listened to your station because of Max!!! If I had my way Max would join WFAN and force the other IDIOT Francesa into early retirement. REPORTING FOR DUTY SIR GO BIG BLUE

  31. Max was way interesting to listen to. Yeah, he was an NYC homer but hell I live there and he was a breath of fresh air to sport's broadcasting.

    I will bet that Max wanted out as much as ESPN wanted to replace him.

    Brandon Tierny is the same old stuff and Colin Cowheard is annoying. His voice is annoying, his opinions are a yawn.

    Good luck Max! I know that we will see and hear you again...on a much more tolerant and dynamic platform.

  32. I'm severely missing the KILLER ANIMAL TOURNAMENTS. And will always remember him replaying the Giants superbowl victory over and over, play by play for months and months. Superhero baseball/football was always fun. MAX EVEN GAVE ME ISLANDERS HOCKEY TICKETS TO 2007 OPENING NIGHT. and it was funny that the actually talked about the WWE from time to time. I never knew that to expect from him, and that's what made it a real joy to listen too. I would be cracking up from time to time just by listening to him. It made me look forward to get into my car and drive to college in the morning. ESPN MADE A BAD MOVE

  33. ESPN SUCKS!! why MAX get rid of colin instead. Max will be missed. Anyone knows if the gmail email still active?

  34. Jay, I started listening to kellerman the same way. Moving the car around in the west village. Luckily I always looked forward to listening to kellerman.

  35. MAX KELLERMAN 4 PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!

    1050 SUCKS

    This is the only show I would listen too on AM radio. I guess now is back to FM for me.

  36. The only good thing about AM radio

    Max Kellerman Show.

    Im going wherever max is going.

  37. Does anyone know what is going on with Max? I heard he had a 6 month no compete clause so he couldn't join WFAN till October or September. I loved Max's show and I hate the Yankees and love hockey. But Max was something different he tried to bring original and smart opinions to sports radio (You know things like Sabermetrics and intelligence) I hope he goes to WFAN but as a lead into Mike Francesa. I think he talks too much about the Yankees as is and with Francesa as a co-host it would just be too much. Max needs his own show where he can feel free to talk about how Golf isn't a sport (It isn't get over it) and other topics like Super Hero baseball.

  38. Max was annoyed with executives telling him how to do his show, not allowing Lundberg to talk on air and getting rid of Louie Gold was the last draw. Max chose not to renew his contract and left. Max is sticking with HBO boxing for now but also working on other things, so stay tuned but obviously not on 1050.

    Ps. I work on the inside

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