Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baltimore at Tennessee: Preview

Due to stellar defenses on both sides (Baltimore ranked 2nd overall—including 3rd against the run; Tennessee ranked 7th overall—6th against the run), I think this game will undoubtedly be the most boring one of the weekend.

Baltimore shut down the Wildcat and should have no problem shutting down Chris Johnson and Lendale White. Kerry the Drunken Fairy isn’t exactly a world beater. As long as Joe Flacco doesn’t turn the ball over the Ravens should have no problem.

How many interceptions will Ed Reed have?

Baltimore: 13
Tennessee: 6


  1. Tennessee 24
    Baltimore 16

  2. Kerry Collins is a great man. He took Penn State to the Rose Bowl and the Giants to the Super Bowl!

  3. Oh well, at least I picked the correct amount of points for the Ravens...