Monday, October 26, 2009

It's Always Fackin' Sunny

Ready for some fun with unsubstantiated internet rumors?

Over at Baseball Think Factory, they have a short clip from the most recent episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in which one of the characters tries to persuade another to run on the field during a Phillies World Series game and hand Chase Utley a letter.

Rather amusing, sure, but check out this little tidbit I saw in the comments section:
Fun fact: Kevin Youkilis made a cameo in this week's episode (the one this clip comes from). Can you spot where?
I had already watched the episode and saw no sign of the Youkstah so I was kind of puzzled by this. A little further down, the same commenter responds to one of the guesses:
I'm not sure if you're serious or not, but when I watched it I thought one of the corpses in the dungeon looked like him.
I'm absolutely serious, and you are correct: the last corpse pictured is that of Kevin Youkilis. Apparently he's a big fan of the show.

Pretty neat.
I guess it makes sense that I wouldn't have noticed it, if it was just a quick shot and he was supposed to be a corpse. Luckily, I still have the episode saved on my DVR, and I went back and found what they were talking about to verify that it was really him.

Let's compare to a similar angle. I'm gonna say no.

It resembles Youk in the most obvious ways - goatee and a bald head. But upon closer inspection, it really doesn't look like him at all. The teeth look sort of fake, which would explain the apparent overbite. But the facial hair looks like it's glued on. See how it's unnaturally darker on the left side? Say what you want about Youk but the man does not sport spotty or lopsided facial hair. The eyes don't look right. If you look closely at this one, the ears aren't the same shape either.

As one of the internet's foremost experts in Youkology, I'm about 99% confident that this person is not Kevin Youkilis. It was only on the screen for a couple of seconds, so at full speed it wouldn't be so obvious that it wasn't him. But we can agree that it's pretty obvious here, yes? I'm not sure why the commenter at BBTF seemed so certain about it. I'd be interested to hear why he was so matter-of-fact given that when you search for the connection, it comes up empty, save for that thread.

Anyway, are there any Always Sunny fans out there? I didn't start watching it until the 3rd season but I've got the first two downloaded waiting for me to catch up on at some point. Danny DeVito is fantastic but I think all the characters are hilarious in their own right.

To bring it back to the baseball and more specifically the Yankees, my buddy Cliff (who lives in Philly) was at Game 2 of the ALCS. After Melky Cabrera's at bat in the 13th inning happened, and he was stuck in Manhattan after missing the last train back to Philly, I texted him "MELKSTEAK!!!!"


  1. It looks more like Boomer Wells than the Youkster

  2. We'd need a look at his foot. If he's suffering from gout so badly that they can't even get the toe tag on it's definitely Boomer.

  3. that video! LMAO!!

  4. Saw the episode, but missed the Youk sighting. And there is no way this is him. Zero chance. The most convincing evidence to me is that in the picture above, the actor seems to have a slight overbite, whereas Youkilis has a drastic underbite. Seriously, the thing is so severe it makes Mr. Bottomtooth look normal.

  5. It is not on his IMDB credits and they are usually on top of their game...

  6. Best nickname ever and that was a great episode.



    "Like collecting magnets, playing with them?"

    "No, just magnets"

    Definitely not Youk, doubt that commenter thought anyone would call his bluff.

  7. Simon - Good call about Wells. It really does look like him.

    Smarty - It's amazing what a pair of fake teeth can do for a person's looks...

    Thanks for checking that, Laura.

    Cliff - "That's not even science, it's just a fact." Every line in that scene is golden.

    Unfortunately for that commenter I'm armed with a blog about Kevin Youkilis, a DVR and a digital camera. Gotcha, bitch!

  8. It is an outstanding scene. The restaurant scene is pretty incredible as well.

  9. I thought it was wells when i was watching thursday, definetly not youk though...Sunny's probably my favorite show on tv, but im boycotting it until the series is over! C'mon Yanks!!

  10. If you want a resemblance to Youk check out this the pic: Anyone else think Youkolis looks like Non - 1 of the criminal villains from krypton in superman 2? Just shave his head!