Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Missing Links

The news might be almost two weeks old, but these links go out to my girl Ardi, whose 3.2 million year old remains proved that there is no "missing link''.

Matthew Pouliot at Circling the Bases doesn't like the Angel's chances for mounting a comeback. Joel Sherman says they won't go down without a fight.

Sadly, the "Save Gate 2" movement isn't going so well.

Larry at Wezen-Ball re-discovers how 70 million people were captivated by the 1952 World Series in light of the fact that the Yankees and Dodgers won't be meeting in the Fall Classic again this year.

Tyler Kepner talks to Joba about his sweat-stained cap. Unfortunately he didn't tell him to get a fucking new one.

Our buddy Simon on Sports has a different take on the conspiracy theory Matt detailed this morning. And I have to admit, despite our differences, this is kind of funny.

A former up calls for the use of instant replay. Buster Onley wants it for this World Series. Like my grandfather always used to say to me, "Simmer down, Buster".

Behind the Box Score asks which is more important (or more appropriately less important), a batter's last 7 plate appearances against a pitcher or their most recent 7 times up?

YFSF wonders why A-Rod isn't getting the courtesy of intentional walks extended to Barry Bonds. I mean, they walked him with their closer in Game 2 with no one on base. It's 32 plate appearances, let's not get carried away here...

King of the sports podcasts, Dan Levy, celebrates his Phillies' return to the World Series and (prematurely) sizes up the Yankees from afar. Let's just say he's not shaking in his shoes. He also talks a little bit about A.J. Daulerio's own "media meltdown" over at Deadspin yesterday.

Philly fan boo TBS. Well done, folks.

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