Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Interview With Kevin Long

We couldn't get any face time with the Yankees' hitting coach, much less during a playoff run, but the folks over at Locker Blogger did get a chance to pick Long's brain for a bit.

In the interview, Long discusses the nuances of coaching a slew of great veteran hitters like ones the Yankees have, their use of video as an instructional tool and how Jorge Posada acts as a second hitting coach.

(If you are reading via RSS, you might have to click through for the video)

Say what you will about Jorge's ability to call a came (although I recall the staff performing pretty well with him behind the dish so far this postseason) but the guy obviously knows a whole lot about hitting. Perhaps he doesn't always bend to the pitcher's will like Jose Molina but I'm sure he can see exploitable tendencies in opposing hitters that pitchers are much less likely to pick up on.

Keep an eye out for Locker Blogger as well. They've already recruited David Cone, Darryl Strawberry, Tino Martinez and Don Mattingly to contribute to the site so you can expect more Yankee-related content from them in the future.


  1. Good stuff. Have to go check this site out.

  2. Talking about Posada, he really is an amazing hitter. The way he's been able to keep his game at a high level while he gets on in age is amazing. What makes him truly unique though is that he is a pure guess hitter.