Saturday, August 22, 2009

Here Is Our Recap Of Last Night's Game


  1. I would just like to call your attention, Jay, to the hysterical analysis provided for by your friends at "The Bottom Line" (

    In their position by position analysis:

    First Base: Kevin Youkilis, Mark Teixeira

    Youk leads the Sox with a .306 average and is hitting .340 in August. He's been struggling since his return from suspension, but he's a career .296 hitter at Fenway Park and loves playing the Yankees: .309, 6 HR, 39 RBI in 69 games. He also kills Andy Pettite: 9 for 25 (.360)... Teixeira has really turned it on in the second half, hitting .302 with 10 homers and 26 RBI in 33 games. He's the scariest Yankee by far with a .313 BA and 5 HRs against the Sox this season, but with 85 career at-bats at Fenway, Tex is just 18 for 84 (.214).

    Edge: Tie

  2. danamis, that's hilarious. Personally, I give Youkilis credit for being a very good hitter and fielder; he's a ball player--a whiny one--but he's a ball player. But tied with Teixeira? especially this year? That's delusional nonsense.

    Given the kind of games that occur in Fenway, I wasn't confortable until the Yanks got to 20. the pitching was woeful. Bruney was brutal, Pettite was lost inside his own head for much of the night, and Meat Tray proved in the ninth why I have no faith in him. That said, after going 0-for-2009 in Fenway beforehand, I soaked in that whole game with some Sam Adams Octoberfests, enjoying that magnificent ass-kicking.

    I loved that A-Rod looked sharp at the plate for the first time in a while. The day off may well have done him some good. I texted a friend before the game that A-Rod would jack one over the monster this series, and he nearly did last night. Matsui is simply one of my all-time favorite Yankees and, while I know the Yanks will want to free up the DH spot next year, and his knees prevent some outfield flexibility for the team, I'd love to see Matsui back for one more year. The guy can mash, and clearly makes that lineup stronger when he's in. I don't know if his knees can hold up another year, and I know I'm speaking somewhat from the heart. But they guy still scalds the ball, and he's a good guy.

    Oh yeah, before I forget, Jim Rice can go fack himself. There was that selfish Jeter, bailing out Hinske the roller skating bear in left, by running a good fifty feet out to left to retrieve Pedroia's bloop off the wall and nail him at third. Yeah, when has Jeter ever thought of the team first, such as "The Flip" in Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS in Oakland, or that running catch and dive into the stands on July 1, 2004 against Boston in the 12th, when he broke his fall by eating a seat handle? Yeah, how selfish and stat conscious. How about all the times Jeter has publicly ripped his own teammates and opponents? Yeah, never Mr. Rice, er, Captain Curmudgeon. Rice can go to blazes.

  3. I spent most of that game alternating between masturbating furiously over the offensive performance and throwing up because of the awful pitching.

  4. Jason...I thought that would cause a laugh and I am pleased someone appreciated such bizarre statistical tomfoolery. I understand that Mr. Teixeira has not hit well at Fenway, but again, the first 8 games of the season between the 2 teams were played before A-Rod's return and during his adjustment. To say that Mssr. Teixeira is not integral to the success, and by success I mean torrid, ridiculous fluidity of the Yankees offense, immediately prior to and after the All-Star break is ridiculous. Mr. Youkilis is (was, until today) the only Sox player consistently hitting. Everyone else has been unreliable, save for Master Ellsbury and his green light.

    I also enjoy the blogosphere and other, more mainstream writers already telling us that Mr. Teixiera is not the American League MVP. Last I checked, no one (save for the fans in the stands at 161st and River who have been chanting MVP for two weeks, like me) has handed him the plaque yet. Who already crowned him? Apologies to the writers who want to bring Mauer and Morneau (how dare they call them the M&M the way) to the fore. The absurd run the Yankees are currently on has completely overshadowed the rest of the American League. And who has been at the middle of it, offensively and defensively? Well, you get the idea.

    MCT 4 MCP 2009.

    and A-Train, I was so delerious from the fact that every starter in the lineup had an RBI, that I could even overlook the dismal managerial/bullpen performance. How can Girardi complain about terrible outside calls (which Joe West was obviously allowing) and then signal Jorge to have Pettitte pitch inside? Whatever, Matsui-san zen-ed us out of that jam and once again, the Yankees won in spite of their manager.

    Magic number is still 34, folks. Let's rock and roll.

  5. Obviously the clever catchphrase should be MCT for MVP 2009. GO YANKS.