Saturday, August 22, 2009

Game 123: On The Banks Of The Deep End

We apologize for the brevity here folks, but due to an unexpected internet outage affecting Matt and a host of obligations handcuffing me, we can't really get in depth with the preview. Some quick thoughts:
  • I'm setting the over under for runs in this game at 7. After an offensive outburst last night, a pitcher's duel seemingly always ensues. Twice this year the Yanks and Sox have combined for 19 or more runs and the next day they have scored 5 or fewer. INFALLIBLE CORRELATION!

  • I thought Junichi Tanzawa did a pretty good job after being thrown into the fire two Fridays ago despite giving up the game winning HR to A-Rod. He went 5 innings in both of his starts and pitched pretty good in one of his starts (4H, 1 ER) and fairly poor (10H, 4ER) in the other. I wouldn't be too surprised if he put together a solid start, something in between the previous two.

  • Johnny Damon's injury makes the decision to bring up Damaso Marte for Ramiro Pena look pretty stupid doesn't it? Now they've got a 2 man bench.

  • A.J. Burnett is still looking for his first respectable start at Fenway this year. He gave up 13 (11 earned) in two starts this year, spanning 7 2/3 IP.

  • The Yanks have the Red Sox up against the ropes here and all the pressure is on them. The Sox desperately needed to take at least two out of three and now they've got to take the final two to accomplish that goal. They are slipping into a three-way race for the Wild Card with the Rays and Rangers and now would be a great time to give them a push into deeper waters.

You couldn't hire twenty-five men,
To do what the man could do,
Just the sound of his walking,
Could split the whole damn town in two,
Into the night full of shadows,
He still walks when the thunder rolls,
This river ain't shallow,
Reminds us that the bell still tolls.

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  1. It was encouraging to see Marte pitch well last night, and maybe he can be a nice lefty match-up guy if he can keep his velocity up. That said, sending Pena down was an awful decision, made all the worse as JD's blasted his knee with a foul ball. I believe the Yanks need a guy to pinch-run now and then, especially without Gardner. Plus, Pena's glove is first-rate. Why send the guy down for someone who, by the Yanks' own admission, remained a mystery during his rehab in SWB?

    I don't get it.