Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strasburg... "What's The Risk?"

Occassionally, I have to park my car on the streets of Manhattan, which can take a while. Once in a while I turn on sports talk radio if I'm tired of scrolling through my iPod and usually end up regretting the decision almost instantly. Yesterday, I got back to the city around noon and turned on 1050AM just in time to hear Colin Cowherd say the dumbest fucking thing you will ever hear uttered about the MLB draft.

He spends a while defending Boras' $50M request (which even Scott Boras knows is ridiculous like the first numbers he threw around when A-Rod opted out), saying that like "John Elway and LeBron James", Steven Strasburg is a "once-in-a-decade type talent" and he can throw 103MPH (which obviously isn't true). The 'Herd then goes on to explain that the Nationals have nothing to lose since the Yankees drafted Brien Taylor in the 90's and still went on to become the team of the decade.

The grand finale occurs when Cowherd compares paying three times more than any other prospect ever for Strasburg is somehow less risky than taking a QB #1 in the NFL draft. Take a look at past #1 draft picks in the MLB. Now take a look at football's and tell me where there is more risk.

Listen for yourself. It's incomprehensibly stupid. Can we have Max Kellerman back, please?PLEASE?


  1. I haven't heard anything. My guess is that when he and ESPN parted ways, they agreed that he couldn't do anything else on the radio until his contract was up, which still isn't for another six months, I think.

  2. I would love to hear Max's opinion on the "Joba to the Pen", The "Bandbox" issue and everything Yankees. BTW Don LeGreca is annoying as Fuck. WHo is he yelling at in those promos? Since when is angry sports douche good radio?

  3. I agree. I only paid attention to the Knicks because of Max Kellerman and I would like his take on the NBA draft. Please, please bring back Max Kellerman.

  4. I stopped listening to 1050 online at work...Kellerman was worth the time, but I absolutley CAN NOT listen to Colin Cowherd for more than 5 minutes without having a stroke. My favorite was his prediction that "USC will never lose to Texa & I'm tired of people talking themselves into the upset." After he was proven wrong he said, "Well if they played 100 times, USC wins 99." Someone should kick him in the crotch...repeatedly...