Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On the Red Sox, SS stands for "Spouse Slugger"

Tonight the Yankees return to Fenway looking for the first victory of 2009 against the Sox. And apparently, the Yankees won't be the only team in the park with a defensively limited shortstop.

With Jed Lowrie recovering from wrist surgery, and Nick Green playing like Nick Green, Julio Lugo has been the Sox' starting SS most of the last month. And the Boston Herald's Sam McAdam has seen enough. Which in turn prompted Deadspin to link to the article under the headline Sean McAdam Is Not A Fan Of Julio Lugo's Defense, which is interesting, because Julio Lugo is not a fan of his wife's self-defense.

Derek Jeter may also have limited range, but at least he can hit something other than a woman.

Rumors abound about the Sox making a move for a SS. Given their affinity for employing men with a history of domestic violence at the position, they may want to consider dealing for the Royals' Alberto Callaspo.


  1. Don't think Cordero ever played shortstop for the Sox. Baseball Reference has him playing many postions for Boston, but not SS. He was with the Sox in 1996 and 1997, and there was another guy manning the position back then.

  2. You're right Tad. Cordero did not play SS for the Sox, but he did when he was with the Expos the first time, and he just fit too nicely into the post for me to let him pass.

    The guy who played SS for Sox in 1997 turned out to be a wife stealer, not a wife beater.

  3. Ah-hah! Never let the facts get in the way...;)