Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Right On Time

Via MLBTR, The Post has quotes from Omar Minaya and Jeff Wilpon indicating that the Mets could expand their payroll:

GM Omar Minaya confirmed to The Post yesterday that he has permission from ownership to increase the payroll.

"We've been told that whatever we need to do to get to help us win, we're going to try to do it," Minaya said. "[The payroll is] not unlimited. But there is the ability to increase if we need areas that need to be addressed."

COO Jeff Wilpon also said yesterday, "Omar has the flexibility to do what he has to do to give us a winning team."

Now they are willing to take on salary? Where was all this cash when Derek Lowe and Adam Dunn were still available? Instead of signing players in the best free agent market in recent history, they are going to shed prospects to take on guys with overvalued contracts?

Orlando Hudson for $4M and give nothing up? Hell no! Part with minor league talent for the right to take on another team's terrible contract? Absolutely! Have fun with that.


  1. Hello no! ... Absoultely! Man, you musta been pissed... the typos be a'flyin'

  2. Nah, just really busy at work and tried to get it out quickly. Thanks for the catch.

  3. In the Mets defense, they are very high on Daniel Murphy and did not want Dunn and it's rather difficult to sign Orlando Hudson when Luis Castillo is still under contract.

    Castillo's contract sucks....we all know that.

    As for Derek Lowe, I think that's a deal that the Mets will regret this season, but by year 3 of the deal, the Braves will be the ones pissed about the contract.