Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brandon Jacobs: Marine Biologist

Via Ralphie V., Brandon Jacobs took some of the money he got from his new contract and went to Disney World.

This shot was actually taken at Discovery Cove "A Place Beyond Words":

Enjoy an all-inclusive tropical vacation designed to fit into one unforgettable day. All it takes is a reservation to get to a place where friendly dolphins and birds welcome you to their home in an exclusive, secluded tropical getaway.

"Exclusive", "Secluded". Both words I instantly associate with a 30 acre theme park in Orlando, Florida.
Then experience the high point of your day as you befriend a delightful dolphin who welcomes you to share a swim in a tranquil lagoon.
Unless you are Brandon Jacobs and you get paired with a racist dolphin who refuses to take you for a swim.


  1. It's not the dolphin's fault black people can't swim.

  2. It's not our fault that our commentors are actually the racist ones.