Thursday, January 15, 2009


There's nothing cooler than dissecting sports grammar! Right guys?


Anyway... My post this morning on the Knicks and LeBron got me thinking about the title of D'Antoni's system. Shouldn't it be ":07 Seconds Or Fewer"? You can count seconds. The only way it should be "Less" is if the implication was ":07 Seconds Or Less (Time)". But I'm thinking that SSOL just sounded better and that it's gramatically incorrect.

Amazingly, I have a friend who works as an Account Exec. over at Simon & Schuster and I asked her to do some digging for me. Let's just say I was vindicated.

BAM! And she even managed to dredge up some other titles that were proposed:

(Nod: Simmons)

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