Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plane Crash [Breaking News] [Non-Sports]

A small plane crashed into the Hudson River about an hour ago off of Midtown Manhattan, not far from my office on 57th street. Looks like they made a safe evacuation, but when its 21 degrees outside, that's not where you want to be.

Hope everyone is okay.

[Update: 5:05PM] It appears that all 148 passengers and the crew are safe. Well done.

[Update: 6:30PM] A co-worker of Cliff's was aboard one of the first ferries to respond and took the following picture]


  1. Yeah, could you even imagine? How about being the last dude all the way to the right?

  2. "This is your pilot speaking, Id like to thank you all for choosing Corey Lidle Airways..."

  3. So maybe I should actually pay attention to the stewardesses and learn how to use one of those things...I always thought I would be fucked so what's the point?

    Amazing pilot skills.

  4. Yeah the difference between life an death in a plane crash is very rarely your actions.