Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

The gentleman on the left is Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, the driving force behind the city's investigation into the shady dealings surrounding the financing of the New Yankee Stadium. The scraggly haired sleazebag in the sunglasses, seen hailing Hitler, is Yankees President Randy Levine. Well today, during the hearings discussing the New Stadium financing...
The legislator, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, lashed out at team president Randy Levine and city economic development chief Seth Pinsky, challenging both to a "civil, in-your-face fistfight" over public financing of the stadium.
He added, "Mrrraah, ya see! Put up your dukes or I've got a good mind to knock ya teeth in, pal!" I got news for you Brodsky, where I come from (umm, here) fistfights aren't "civil". Too few things nowadays get settled with some good old fashioned fisticuffs. Now let's make this happen.

Here's the plan:
  1. Give them two weeks to train
  2. Set up a ring in the Old Stadium
  3. Have the outcome of the hearings hinge on the result of the fight
  5. Profit

Fool proof, I tell you. Golden Boy, make this happen! It will make Mayweather vs. Pacquiao look like chump change.

Brodsky says: "Bring it on, bitch".

If this happens, I've already prepared a reaction.

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  1. You should see Assemblyman Brodsky go at it with the MTA officials. High comedy. He surely is a prick and enjoys any kind of fight that he can get into, but most of the time he acts in NYS's best interests.