Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Celtics Want To Get In The Truck?

As Brendan noted this morning, some sources are indicating that Stephon Marbury might be joining the Celtics once the Knicks finally end their messy divorce. I am sure my reaction is similar to almost everyone else; what the fuck are the Celtics thinking?

Granted, he is probably still a pretty good player (who really knows though, since he hasn't donned an NBA jersey almost a year) and will probably play for the league minimum (since he will probably still be collecting close to the league maximum from the Knicks). But do the Celtics really want a guy who has never won a playoff series, forced his way out of almost every city he has played in and hated almost every coach he has ever had? As much as I hate it, the Celtics seem to have a pretty good thing going and I do not see any positive out of bringing in a guy like Stephon Marbury, especially when he will only be getting 15 minutes a game.

That being said, if he brings down a Boston team, I am all for it!


  1. Please, Sports Gods, let this happen.

  2. He does not even have to be traded for it to cause them to suck. Ever since the rumors have come out, they have lost 5 of 7.