Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Boston Being Boston

My whole childhood was spent expecting Boston sports to bring occasional highs in wake of inevitable woes. For the most part, every season of every sport seemed to bring around another solid team, caged in ultimate mediocrity - but always generating a few teases each year that we just may make it. The Sox of the late nineties, the Pats in '96, the perennial 3rd seeded 'Toine and Pierce led C's, and the Boston College days of Glenn Foley and Scoonie Penn are just a few examples that come to mind. But then something changed. Drew Bledsoe got hurt, the Yankees choked, we traded the farm for KG, and, well, I guess BC has stayed true to the mold.

Now don't get me wrong, I have loved the complete dominance that has swept New England. But unfortunately, I've become a lazy fan. I now expect that we'll win every game, and every title - and frankly, the world of sport just isn't as interesting when you are Goliath. I'm a David guy - I cheer for the guy who isn't supposed to win. I pull for Bryce Drew, race with Toad in Mario Kart, and cheered for anyone who entered the squared circle against Earthquake. Thus, recently, the world just hasn't been right for me - being on the other side.

Alas, this past weekend, gives me hope that the tides are beginning to change. After pulling off one of the greatest win streaks in NBA history, the Celts have dropped 4 of their last 6, and are looking to sign New York defect Stephon Marbury?!?! The Red Sox are having a sober off season, missing out on the Teixiera sweepstakes, thanks to an artful Yankee acquisition. The Pats missed the playoffs, and then franchised Cassell, committing $29 million to two players at the same position! Now I shouldn't jump to conclusions about what Danny, Theo, and Billy are thinking since they've made all the right moves recently, but each of these moves has caused me to raise an eyebrow or two.

Of course, though, we had our highlight on Sunday. The Tyrese Rice led Eagles upset the UNC Tarheels - expected to contend for the title of greatest college hoops team of all time. But BC, never the bearer of dominance, now looks to be firing Jags as Joe reported below.

Ahhh... now I'm starting to feel right again.


  1. If this post is about Boston returning to their pre-dominant form, why do you have to use the 2004 NYDN cover?

    /throws up in trash can next to desk at work

  2. Apologies - perhaps this should have been the picture for the post:

  3. BC is gay and BC basketball and the ACC in general leaves much to be desired.

  4. Silly Big East fan. Where is Cuse gonna go when that joke of a league disbands?

  5. Joe, you can admit that the Big East is about 10x better than the ACC (Bball at least). More than half the league is in the top 25. Pitt just took #1 from UNC and Cuse is in the top 10 (9).

    Also, you like BC and the Cowboys...why don't you go buy a Big Papi Jersey and get it over with?