Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BC Is Gay

As you may know, I fucking hate Boston College with a passion. I have hated them long before Joe even thought about joining the inner circle of fagdom that is the BC student body.

It all started about 16 years ago when I was 8 and my father decided to get the family season tickets to Syracuse Football. We held on to these tickets for about 8 years, until my father decided to stop getting them the season after McNabb graduated (what a fucking brilliant move that was). The point is that since I was a young lad I have watched Cuse v. BC, both in Cuse and Boston and have a built in hatred for BC. This hatred dates back to before I even started hating the Red Sox.

In 2004, BC (along with a few others the year before) decided to leave the Big East to go to the ACC. What a fucking terrible move this was on their part. Granted Big East football isn't that good right now, but 3 of our 4 best football programs went to the ACC and look at what they are doing: Shitting the bed left and right (see: The U).

At this point I would like to un-misremember BC's last Big East football game in 2004. They were a power house in the Big East that year and all they had to do was beat lowly little Syracuse University at home to win the Big East and go on to a BCS game. In true Boston fashion, they came in and got fucking worked by Cuse the entire game and lost 43-17 and the Big East ended in a 4 way tie. So instead of going to a BCS Game, BC had the privilege of going to the Continental Tire Bowl.

Now, in my opinion the ACC was the best conference in basketball before this move, but the times they are a changing. The ACC is still pretty good, but in no way compares to the Big East. Yes I know there are 16 teams, BUT 9 OF THEM ARE IN THE TOP 25!!!

I have some more points but I am sick of thinking about this fucking awful city, fan base, and student body. And you know what, fuck their academic departments too. I am sure they have wonderful, highly ranked programs, but who really gives a fuck.

Also, as I write, Cuse is ranked #9 in NCAAM.


  1. BC leaving the Big East was single handedly the dumbest move in the history of dumb ass moves. Big East basketball, while never having the Dukes and UNCs, was and is now such an awesome conference. There is nothing like MSG in March.

  2. Over at EagleInsider we constantly have to deal with Big East trolls, jilted lovers who are jealous that we are in the ACC.

    Supposedly ACC football "sucks." This is ignoring the fact that ACC had 254 of its players on 2008 NFL active rosters (2nd to the ACC), followed by the Big Ten with 227, Pac-10 with 178, Big 12 with 170 and the Big East with 87.

    This is ignoring the fact that of the 84 players named to this year's NFL Pro Bowl, 20 are from current ACC schools ... almost 23.8% of the rosters. The SEC had 13 representatives, the Big 12 had eight, and the Big Ten had seven.

    It is also ignoring the fact that the ACC beat the SEC in head-to-head regular season matchups this year, as well as the Big East.

    Big East fans are horrible. They are obnoxious, throw batteries at teams. ACC fans are very hospitable and it is a treat to travel to away games.

    Big East academics are horrible. Compare West Virginia, UConn, Rutgers, South Florida, etc. to schools like UNC, Duke, UVA, BC, Wake Forest.

    BC gets more money in the The ACC than it would have if it was in the Big East.

    Sure, Big East basketball may be better (by the way, using the number of Top 25 teams on January 6, 2009 is incredibly weak), but to assert that "BC leaving the Big East was single handedly the dumbest move in the history of dumb ass moves" is one of the unintelligent and indefensible assertions ever made by man. You don't not leave a conference because a 3 day tournament at MSG is awesome? Are you freaking kidding me?

  3. 1. I think we can all agree that any school south of the Mason-Dixon is a joke.

    2. The Big East Tourney is going to be unbelievable this year.

    3. I would use Mach 15th stats, but that is impossible. Having beat several top teams already (1 road, 2 neutral, but Kansas was pretty much a road game) I think there is no arguement that Cuse deserves to be where they are, if not higher. Also, I don't care if it is November 6th ranks, they have to play 9 ranked teams in their next 12 games.

    4. BC is gay.

  4. BC IS GAY!!!!!

    What witty and insightful commentary!!!