Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Youk The Fluke

Thank you, NBC Sports.

In our debut of "The Show," Gregg Rosenthal says there is no way that Red Sox slugger Kevin Youkilis will match his power numbers of last season.

Guess which one is Greg Rosenthal:

Are you ready for the hard hitting analysis from the "The Show"?
"I hate to say it, but the guy who I think might regress the most. A member of the Tribe! And a member of my favorite team! Kevin Youkilis. Twenty-nine home runs last year, but he's not really a power guy, I mean, he might lead the league in sweating through his helmet, but he's not going to lead the league in home runs. I would stay away from Youkilis."
"A member of The Tribe"? I hope he doesn't mean the Indians.

He didn't lead the league in home runs last year, so it would be pretty foolish to draft him expecting that this year. "He's not a power guy"? What are you basing this on, Greg? Oh... you're not going to provide any reasons? Allow me:
Those are some pretty serious spikes in power for a 29 year old without changing leagues or teams. One would imagine he is due for a regression to the mean.

Hope you're right, Rosenthal.


  1. Dude went in the 4th round in my draft. Didn't affect me since I won't draft a Red Sock.

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  3. I picked Youk in the 2nd round. Rosenthanl is just looking for headlines. Nothing at all to base this opionion on anything else. BYW... I refuse to draft a Yankee.

  4. We should be in the same league next year.

  5. "Stay away from Youk" huh? The man is ONLY batting .519!!!!!

  6. Wow after last nights game and YOUK's walk off I can clearly see where you are coming from. If that is YOuk not making his numbers, I will take that every day of the week!!!!

  7. Thanks for the updates, Paul. Yeah, if Youk hit like he did last night, every night, he would make Babe Ruth look like Jacoby Ellsbury.