Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Introducing Jodie Meeks

I will admit that I only watched the last 5 minutes of this game due to my faggy obsession with Nip/Tuck, but holy shit. Jodie Meeks (Guard) for Kentucky just hung 54 points on Tennessee in Tennessee, setting a school record. UK won 90-72.

Meeks averages about 24 points a game, but just blew up with what was probably one of the best individual games ever played on the NCAA level. Here are his stats:

FG 15-22
3P 10-15
FT 14-14
Reb 9

After watching the highlights I can say that he was making it rain (obviously) with a hand in his face on basically all of his shots.

I am huge college basketball fan and I can't recall anyone scoring over 50 points in a game. So just to recap....FUCKING WOW!!!

[Ed. note: after doing some research of NCAA records I have found that Jodie Meeks couldn't hold Pistol Pete Maravich's jock]

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  1. A bright future for Jodie in the WNBA.