Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matsui's Reception

Matt already summed up Hideki Matsui's warm welcome back to the Bronx in the recap of of the home opener and Jason added another part of the story that wasn't obvious on the broadcast in the comments, but I wanted to capture some of the images that YES showed of fans in the stands.

That yellow Godzilla banner is a familiar site and the woman in the blue jacket appears to be holding up an "MVP" sign. We'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is more it than we can see.

Two guys who don't appear to be Japanese are holding up the flag of Matsui's home country. Probably big fans of his looking to show their appreciation. That's an awfully nice gesture.


I don't think using the fictitious solicitations of a prostitute from a movie is the best way to convey to Matsui how much his contributions to the franchise meant to you, unless you are propositioning him for sex on behalf of the entire fanbase. And by the way, Full Metal Jacket was about the Vietnam War, you dummy. Hideki Matsui is Japanese, remember? Can you see why some people might find that offensive? No? Do I have to get Gunnery Sargent Hartman to explain it to you, maggot? BULLSHIT, I CAN'T HEAR YEAR YOU!

Is this guy an insensitive asshole who is making a somewhat racist joke? Just a clueless moron who doesn't know the origin of the reference? Some combination of the two? So many questions...


  1. Jay, we need to get that picture to Deadspin I-Team to identify and mock him. Good call!

  2. I noticed that sign yesterday during the game and couldn't believe it. I'd go with clueless moron just wish someone around him had told him it was not cool.

  3. Jason from The Heartland4/14/10, 10:44 AM

    I happen to think it's both clueless and somewhat racist. It taps into absurd stereotypes of Asians mangling the English language (when Americans and others unfamiliar with most Asian languages would find navigating their spoken and written shoals more than very tricky; I know this first-hand, for I am pretty decent with Indo-European languages but found it painfully difficult to learn Vietnamese, in which a short word such as "co" could literally mean several different things based on diacritical marks, emphasis, etc.) and, as you rightly said Jay, lumps them together--the reference in "Full Metal Jacket" being in Vietnam. My belief is that racism takes no shortage of cluelessness, whether one is unaware or fully aware (often the case) of the implications of what one says, does, and believes.

    My experiences are also that, while this person holding the sign in question might have made a gaffe and been embarrassed if someone had pointed it out to him, so many people who make racist, sexist, and homophobic cracks just couldn't care less what others think about their views. They also frequently get defensive, as if they're being attacked by "PC" cops when their offensive words and/or actions were the incipient act. That is, pointing this out to this person might not have made one whit of difference.

  4. As an Asian could be worse.

    I'll chalk it up to misguided show of appreciation.

    But, Jason from The Heartland is spot on with his comment.

  5. C'mon guys, there is no need to give this sign more than a few lines. Its not racist, its just a dumb attempt at being funny. You guys know this too. Really no need to try and give it more legs.

    Thanks Thomas Tu for seeing through it too.

  6. Thomas, thanks for the perspective.

    Jason-FTH, well said as always.

  7. Great to see the boneheads at fackyouk are back to their racist ways. Promoting more asian hate just like always. How despicable.
    Even Jason from the Fartland kumps on the bigot bandwagon defending the sign holder: "My experiences are also that, while this person holding the sign in question might have made a gaffe and been embarrassed if someone had pointed it out to him" you want to make more hypthothetical excuses for the racist behavior??? Typical Yankees fans, racist through and through.

  8. Great to see that our resident troll is back to leaving his token incoherent comments.

    Actually, it's not. Eventually you might come up with something that is either A) funny or B) makes sense, Anon, but you've once again failed on both counts. Go back to Barstool Sports where they probably think you AH FACKIN HILARIOUS!

  9. Jason from The Heartland4/14/10, 4:14 PM

    Yes indeed, Jay.

    Way NOT TO READ CAREFULLY, most recent (and blatantly foolish) Anon. Sorry you misread my comment as a "kump" on the "bigot bandwagon." Lunkhead.

  10. To follow up:

    Even though I think the guy is just misappropriating his appreciation, the sign is, in fact, racist. Comments like that pretty much make me want to choke a bitch (#WayneBrady). It's right up there with the following conversation I get all the time:

    A: Hey, you speak English pretty well.
    Me: I should hope so, I was born in America.
    A: Where are you from?
    Me: Queens, NY.
    A: Where are you really from?
    Me: Elmhurst.
    A: No really, where are you really from?
    Me: I'm really from Elmhurst, Queens, you racist ass.

  11. Jason from The Heartland4/15/10, 12:30 PM

    Well said, Thomas, and that says better than I did one point I was making: that he might not be consciously racist and might be a decent, well-meaning guy or not, but his sign expresses racism whether or not he knows it.