Monday, December 7, 2009

HoF Veterans Committee Announces Inductees

We have the first bit of news from the Winter Meetings and it involves the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee inductees. We previewed this back when the ballot was announced last month.

On the manager/umpire ballot former Royals and Cardinals manager, as well as one-time Yankee farmhand, Whitey Herzog was voted in. He's joined by former umpire Doug Harvey. Herzog was named on 15 of 16 ballots, Harvey on 14. Twelve votes were needed for induction.

On the executive side, the voters once again pitched a shutout, shamefully denying former union head Marvin Miller again. Miller was named on seven ballots, with nine needed for induction. Former Tigers owner John Fetzer was closest with eight votes.

Aside from Herzog, all nominees with Yankee connections were shutout: Billy Martin on the manager's ballot, former owner Jacob Ruppert, former GM Gabe Paul, and former announcer Bill White on the executive ballot.

Like post-season awards, I try not to get too worked up over Hall of Fame votes, but it's an absolute sham that Marvin Miller is continually denied induction.

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