Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Yankees Have A Mascot?

While watching the video of A-Rod and Jerry Hairston Jr. playing stickball with kids in the Bronx that has been circulating the Interwebz recently, I noticed an interesting spectator lurking in the crowd.

Wha, wha, whaaaat? As A.J. Burnett might say "That motherfucker?".

The Yankees with all their "class" and "tradition" and "pride" would never have a mascot, would they?

Well, yes, actually, it turns out that once upon a time, they did.

From an article in the New York Times from 1998 (h/t WasWatching), we found out that Yankees did in fact have a oversized fuzzy costume representing the franchise from 1982-85. Unfortunately Dandy did exist, despite the fact that both George Steinbrenner and Lonn Trost both denied remembering so back in '98. Steinbrenner might have had an excuse, but I'm guessing Trost was just lying.

So, back to the current fuzzy disgrace. What is that thing supposed to be? Does it have a name? Was this just an ad hoc creation? It doesn't look like a mascot designed specifically with the Yankees in mind with the red belly and all. Did someone throw that jersey on a generic mascot? It's looks kinda short though, like it was custom fit, doesn't it? Perhaps the Yanks have a mascot that goes around to events where kids will be? Are we okay with this as long as it doesn't show up at the Stadium?

It shows up aroung the 1:00 mark. Discuss.


  1. It's David Wright wearing the new helmet

  2. I, for one, am not really okay with it. The Yanks are brining professional baseball players to these kids, do they really need an annoying mascot? The kids are obviously baseball fans, I think they'd be plenty entertained with "just" A-Rod and Jerry Hairston.

  3. It looks like a Fraggle

  4. Whatever it is, it disgusts me.

  5. its the mascot from the Tampa Yankees, the Florida State league team that plays at the Yankees spring training site.

  6. thats the goddamn cookie monster with a red belly isn't it??

  7. Is that a Chicago Bears hat that A-Rod is wearing?