Thursday, September 3, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Good morning Fackers. I've got a little extra hop in my step this morning, and it's not just because the Yankees continue to roll along about as well as we could imagine.

Tonight marks the return of college football. No sport will ever replace baseball when it comes to capturing my attention, but with the autumn-like weather that's settled in over the past few days, I've been anxiously awaiting the return of pigskin. It's been 238 days since God's own quarterback dispensed with Oklahoma and gave Florida their second National Championship in three years. The Gators were a record-setting, overwhelming, pre-season number one in the AP poll, and are the favorites to capture a third National Championship in four seasons.

ESPN has a doubleheader tonight. In the opener, The Old Ballcoach and his Cocks travel to Raleigh to face the Wolfpack, led by former BC coach Tom O'Brien. These same two teams kicked off last season. While the match-up itself isn't all that compelling, the game will be interesting in that it will mark Erin Andrews' return to work. Perhaps you've heard that America's Sideline Princess was the victim of a serious violation of privacy over the summer. Understandably, she's kept a low profile since then, and this will be her first public appearance outside of her tell-all at an Oprah taping last week.

The night cap features a much better match-up as the #16 Oregon Ducks visit the #14 Boise St. Broncos. It'll be the ugly uniforms against the ugly field. I'll likely have the CFB games on the tube with the Yanks game streaming on the laptop. Cut me some slack; it's opening night.

In an effort to somehow tie this back to the Yankees, I'll mention that much to my surprise and even more to my chagrin, I caught a commerical on YES earlier this week indicating that all Notre Dame home games will be replayed on YES Mondays this fall. I researched this a bit. Turns out it's a multiyear deal and includes the showing of other ND content on YES.


As you may recall, I'm not particularly fond of Notre Dame, nor is Big Willie Style. The best thing that come of this deal as far as I'm concerned is that it allow me a second chance to watch BC's seventh consecutive victory against The Irish.

Certain teams, usually the ones that have been highly successful, are generally despised outside of their own bases. The Yankees. The Cowboys. The Lakers. Duke basketball. Notre Dame football. The Yankees have now had content sharing agreements with Manchester United and Notre Dame. They established Legends Hospitality Management in conjunction with the Cowboys in order to service their two new stadiums. They're certainly making it easier for the average fan to consolidate his vitriol to a few choice locations.

Okay, I promise: that's my only football post today. If you need a little help getting excited for the season, check out this post from a couple weeks back. Now back to baseball.


  1. Wow, that's a horrible move by the YES Network.


  2. Also, it should be interesting to hear how many times the broadcasters mention that Boise State has the longest home winning streak in the NCAA FBS.

    Of course, our Eagles beat them on the blue turf in 2005 in the MPC Computers Bowl...

  3. I don't harbor any ill will towards TOB. He ran a solid if unspectacular program at BC, and restored credibility after yet another gambling scandal. The relationship with him had just about run its course anyway; I think both sides stood to benefit from change. At the very least, he went out with a little more class than his successor.

    I'll be pulling for NCST tonight. For an ACC team to get a win over an SEC opponent, even if it is SC, would be beneficial.

  4. Speaking TOB's successor, the Bucs just shit-canned Jags as their OC. Tough break there...

  5. So Matt, do you miss that vintage Dana Bible offense?

  6. Not at all. I wasn't much of a fan of it while he was at BC either, but given the talent on the OLine and in the backfield I could understand the type of gameplans he chose to run.

    Interestingly, Bible was preceeded by Jags as the OC. Jags was the OC my frehsman year, in '98, when he called Mike Cloud up the middle on the goal line, four times in a row against ND, and four times he got stuffed, costing them the game. Somehow I'm not too surprised the Bucs found him unfit to be an NFL OC.

    Tough loss for NCST though. Wilson did not look too good, and as I said earlier, a win against an SEC opponent would have helped the conference later on in the season. As much as I despise VT, I'm gonna have to pull for them Saturday against 'Bama.