Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Game 120: San Francisco Bay Blues

Back on July 23rd, Vin Mazzaro, a product of Rutherford High in New Jersey came to Yankee Stadium and faced off against CC Sabathia in front of a large gathering of friends and family after a 2:43 rain delay. Tonight, the tables will be turned as Sabathia, originally from Vallejo, California will take the mound at the Oakland-Alameda Coliseum in front of his own supporters.

Sabathia hasn't had much luck pitching against the team he rooted for as a kid in his hometown. He's made 8 career starts in Oakland, walking away with a 1-4 record and a 7.12 ERA, which is odd considering it's one of the better pitchers' parks in the Major Leagues and he's one of the better pitchers. It doesn't seem to be hometown jitters because across the Bay at AT&T Park, he's put together two great starts against the Giants, giving up just 3 runs in 17 innings.

In the last iteration of this match up, Mazzaro started off strong, holding the Yanks scoreless through three, while Sabathia stumbled out of the gate and gave up three runs in his first four innings. The tables turned, however, and the Bombers touched up Mazzaro for 6 runs before sending him to the showers with one out in the fifth inning. Sabathia lasted seven, didn't walk a batter and picked up the win.

Since then, Mazzaro has had a rough go of it, giving up 19 runs in his last 21 1/3 innings but still managing to go 2-1. Sabathia, meanwhile, has allowed 13 runs in 28 1/3 IP (4.12 ERA). Over his last two starts, though, he's been dominant, allowing just one run and 5 hits over 15 2/3 IP while striking out 19 and walking just 4.

After dropping the series opener against the A's last night, the Yankees look towards their ace to avoid a three game slide. The Yanks have had six separate losing streaks of three games or more this season, accounting for nearly half of their 45 losses. They've also had 11 streaks of 3 or more wins, which sum to represent 55 of their 74 victories.

The Yanks have looked pretty poor in their last two outings, mustering only 3 runs in games started by Doug Fister and Brett Tomko. Hopefully both they and CC Sabathia can shed their respective versions of the blues and chalk up a win tonight in the Bay Area. The game doesn't start for another 5 hours, so try to keep your spirits up as well.

[I'll check back in if there are any interesting pre-game developments or line up configurations]

If I ever get her back to stay,
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