Thursday, June 18, 2009

Michael Kay Is One Sick Puppy

[Updated with video. H/t Crazy Yankee Chick]

I'm surprised I haven't seen this one pop up elsewhere on the interwebs today. Lost in the humiliation of losing to the Nationals last night was a pretty damn funny moment courtesy of Michael Kay.

With one on and two out in the top of the seventh, Phil Hughes faced Ryan Zimmerman. After falling behind 2-0, Hughes threw two straight fastballs to run the count to 3-1. In a fastball count, Hughes came back with a slider that Zimmerman either didn't expect or didn't like, as it he took it for strike two.

With the count full Zimmerman was looking fastball again. Hughes fooled him with a nasty, nasty curveball that completely froze Zimmerman, who promptly dropped his bat and helmet and started walking out towards third base. It was thing of beauty, reminiscient of this.

Michael Kay was so impressed that he forgot he was on the air and not at one his twisted sex parties. He commented: "Zimmerman was looking for heat all the way, but Phil Hughes dropped a deuce on him".

You are one sick bastard Michael Kay. That's not the family friendly image the YES Network is trying to project. Then again, neither is the nightly late inning Listerine pop-up ad that sounds like someone hitting a bong.

[Ed Note: Matt refuses to use Twitter, and I'm no Tweetmachine like our boy The_Real_Schiff, but I did catch this update from YESMichaelKay last night.

If you are on Twitter during Yankees games, I would highly recommend following "Michael", as the feed can be quite hilarious.

And yes, that Listerine ad sounds like a person hitting a bong, particularly because they don't say anything when it comes on. (Awkward silence...) (Bubbling...) David Cone, if you're out there, please just once intentionally miss the cough button coming out of that and start giggling uncontrollably. Thanks.


  1. I KNOW!! I saw that too, I was delighted. Even more delighted when I saw some angel already had it up on youtube:

  2. Awesome... thanks a lot.

    Updating the post with a h/t.