Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Could Watch This 100 Times

Honestly, is there anything better than seeing an opposing batter jump out of the way on a big inside curve, only to have the pitch called a strike? Jose Veras gets one of those every once in a while because of his spastic motion, but Hughes just did it on stuff alone. 


  1. That was filthy

  2. Obviously that was a ball. The ump is blind.

  3. I think you mean Philthy - thanks I'll be here all week. Try the chicken parm.

    Phil made Polanco look pretty silly when he got him the hook in the first as well.

    For a guy that's only recently learned the pitch, I was surprised at how much he relied on his cutter last night. I haven't looked at pitch f/x, but to my eye it looked like it was his go to pitch.

    I'll take about 25 more starts like that from him this year....

  4. mmb - Well done. I won't forget to tip my waitress, either.

    That one in the first inning was a beaut as well. Up in the zone, got his knees to buckle a little bit.

    It looked like Hughes was operating within a pretty tight strike zone, and getting guys to swing and miss on pitches that were over the plate. Subtle changing of speeds and good movement both ways. Really encouraging.