Monday, May 11, 2009


For the record, I don't approve of Joba's fist pumping (which he has cut back on significantly since he's become a starter), but I think he gets unfairly singled out for doing it. Guys like Papelbon, K-Rod and even fucking Eddie Guardado bust out histrionics way beyond what Joba does, and no one really seems to mind.

Did you see this, Aubrey Huff? Are you anxiously awaiting the slim possibility that you hit a homer off of Papelbon, so you can pump your fist and show him up like the vindictive ex-girlfriend your name would lead me to believe you are? What better way to prove that fist pumping is a bush league manuver than to do it yourself... However, I'm guessing the answer to the second question is "No".


And for just for good measure:


  1. Jay --

    I killed you when you spit the bit re: Simmons and Cowherd back in February, so I have to be fair. This was a fantastic post.

    I was steamed after seeing Huff round the bases like q_eerbait yesterday -- b/c there is a significant difference between showing raw emotion and planning a fist pump for twenty-one months -- until I remembered this is Aubrey Huff we're talking about here. He who led the Devil Rays to 62, 55, 63, 70 and 67 wins in his years there -- a whopping 176 games under .500. But he's starting to pick up the pace with the O's -- 69 and 68 wins in two seasons there. (Yes, I'm so disgusted that I looked all that up on Retrosheet.) He's your classic "great player on a bad team," if only he were a great player.

    So take solace in the fact that come September, when the O's are floundering at the 65 win plateau, he'll catch one in the ear from Joba and we'll all bust out a collective fist pump as we watch him twitch on the ground like a fish out of water.

  2. Big Al - I remebered the name and cringed before I read the comment. Thanks for not judging a book by it's cover; I fucked the Simmons thing up pretty bad, but it was only two posts out of over 400.

    Totally agree that plotting ways to show someone up is far worse than pumping your fist on the way back to the dugout. And yes, he is a career loser.

    I hope you're right about September. I won't have forgotten by then.

  3. I completely agreed with you. I just did a comic representing the same thing. It is because we all watch too much ESPN, they just rip on Joba.

  4. I don't understand why you guys are so bent out of shape about this. Joba is the fucking retard who starts this shit, and then when someone else does it back you pansies are all boohoo cry cry about it. Huff would never have done that if Joba didn't do it all the fucking time in the first place. You Yanks fan can never take any of your own medicine. That was fucking awesome and hilarious! I hope more people hitters start doing the fist pump after homering off of Joba just to fuck with his feeble little corn husker mind.

  5. Hmmm, coming on to an obvious Yankee blog and posting must have as big of a pair of balls as Mr Huff

  6. Here's the thing, Anon. Joba "started it" on August 13, 2007. A year and a half ago when he was a 21 year old rookie.

    Joba struck out Huff to end the eighth inning and celebrated by pumping his fist on the way back to the dugout.

    Since then the O's and Huff in particular have been plotting to show him up with one O saying that he would "walk around the bases" if he ever hit a homer off of Joba (which presumably he hasn't). It's pathetic and petty for someone to hold a grudge that long when Joba hadly even does it anymore.

    He gets singled out cause he's a Yankee and it speaks volumes to how much the O's suck as a team for them to focus on something like this.

  7. I understand your point about being singled out because he plays for the Yanks, but that just proves my point that EVERYONE hates the Yankees. Not just Mets fans, not just Sox fans. Everyone. I guess I just don't understand why you are acting all surprised and angry. When a player does something like that it makes the game more interesting and adds a personal dimension to it. It was obviously over the top and silly looking, but I thought it was funny. Even though I am a huge Sox fan, I can't stand when Pap does it. It makes him look like a douchebag.
    But anyway, I enjoy this blog and this anonymous back and forth. Good job. Perhaps I will start posting here with an identity someday. Until then, I am looking forward to the Yanks-Jays game tonight. Should be a great match up and it will be interesting to see if Burnett can deal with the boos. Peace!

  8. It's not like you have to use your real identity or anything, just make up a handle. We can all spot your comments from a mile away, but you might as well stake your claims. May I recommend "SawxQueeah" or "Bostard"?