Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Game 27: In The Evening

With the Rays in town, I felt like a Ray Charles tune was the way to go. It's a bluesy number, which is also fitting because the Yankees have lost three straight. 

They are 3-8 within their division and tonight seems like as good of a time as any to start pushing that record in the right direction. Girardi will hand the ball to A.J. Burnett at 7:07, the fifth time in six starts this has happened following a loss. Four times it resulted in a Yankee victory. One of those times was on April 14th, when Burnett carried a no-hitter into the 7th inning against the Rays. 

Sitting at 12-16, the Rays actually make the 13-13 record the Bombers have accumulated look pretty good. Since they play in Tampa and have no fans, however, no one seems to be pushing the panic button on them yet. This is New York, so not only is the team under a magnifying glass, it's a sunny day and the media is trying to angle it juuuuust right.

If you want to read doom and gloom about the Yanks, you're probably in the wrong place. There's enough of that out there and there's really no use getting all bent out of shape over something that's supposed to be fun. We can only offer you level-headed analysis, immature photoshops, drinking advice and a look on the bright side


  1. Some general observations:

    1. Can we stop with the smoking bitches fucked up hands during every commercial break.

    2. The bullpen is good.

    3. Kim Jones has a tongue ring.

    4. THE FUCK!?!?

  2. I've know/heard of a lot of people who have died from smoking but not too many that have gotten their fingers amputated. Which is worse? This shit is disgusting and I don't even smoke. Leave me the fuck alone!