Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening Day Photography

Here are some photos from opening day yesterday. I will spare you all of the pictures of stuff that we have already posted. Not all of them are captioned but you can probably figure it out, so take a look... or don't cause I don't like any of you anyway.

(Grown men with too much time on their hands trying to conceal their drinking problems)

(Metro North stop, not quite ready yet)

(Walkway from the parking lots and Metro North)

(Inside Metro North stop)


(Come my children, come.)

(View from the drunkest seats in the house.)

(George is looking good)

(There was about 50 old Yankees that came out during the pregame so I will just post a few)

(Greatness has a new home)

(At this point there was a F-16 fly over, but I took a video of that and am too retarded to post it.)

(Yogi throwing out the first pitch)



(For some reason this camera guy was fucking pissed that I took this)

These are just a few of the pictures that I took from the Museum. Don Larsen was in there but I couldn't get a picture of him, he is surprisingly fast in his old age.

(Oh yea, not flash photograph, sorry.)

(Thurman's locker)



(Taking the elevator down to leave. Welcome to the internet everyone!!!)

The Yankees obviously got worked in this game, but to be honest I didn't even really watch it after the 5th inning. I had a bunch of friends there and we were just standing around drinking making fun of Red Sox fans.

I am going back again tomorrow to see Wang get shelled so look for a recap on Sunday.

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