Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Just In: The New Yankee Stadium Is F_____g Sick

We've spent our fair share of time pointing out the flaws with the New Yankee Stadium, but actually having the chance to talk around it last night made me forget roughly 99% of them. I don't have time to find the words right now. I wanted to throw this post up real quick, because I've got things to do today so I don't even have time to tag or edit it.

Below, please find a collection of pictures and comments documenting the experience last night. Big Willie Style infiltrated the WB Mason Box somehow and Frank worked his way down to field level. We'll put some more posts up later, once I have a chance get BWS's pics off of his Blackberry and I have time to photoshop other people's heads onto our bodies.


Big Willie Style took time to physically embrace the Stadium.

The Old and the New.
(personal favorite)

Right when you walk in Gate 6, there is a giant HDTV showing the game right on the wall. This was convenient, because at the time we were entering the place, the game was just about to start.

I don't care what you have heard about the screen out in centerfield, you will be amazed at how sick it is. I just nabbed that picture with my camera from our seats in Section 412, and look how it came out:

$36 worth of "fucking finally!!!". For some reason they don't unscrew the caps off of the plastic beer bottles. Why? I guess they are just daring people to shake one up and throw it at a Red Sox fan.

The bathrooms are nice, but two complaints. No dividers between the urinals (is this a thruway rest stop?) and no ledge to rest your beers on. Both of those would have been nice.

The concourses in the Grandstand are totally open-air. That will prevent them from smelling like salty garbage like they did in the Old Stadium.

The view from Section 412. It honestly wasn't that bad considering that our seats were probably in the worst 10% in the Stadium, location-wise.

The facade adds such a nice touch. I was actually happy we were up so high because I had the chance of getting it in a picture, if need be.

At one point, a cop climbed up on the roof for some reason. I asked him if he would take my camera with him and snap some pics, but amazingly he declined that offer.

Big Willie Style airplaning it through the extremely spacious ramps.

A view from the bleachers, with the rain coming down.

Unlike the Old joint, the bleachers have a better view of the game than most of the Upper Deck.

My food choice was the chicken tender platter (box). For $10.50, I got 2 1/2 chicken fingers and 19 fries. I have to say though, they were delicious. As good as chicken fingers get.

The condiment options were decidedly lacking, however. Can a man get some BBQ sauce or honey mustard up in this bitch?

I departed in the 7th, but Frank was kind enough to take my camera on his descent into the seats we could never, ever, ever afford.

Well done, Frank. You define wasted journalism.


  1. Gotta love the airplaning down the ramps.

    Nice shots, guys.

  2. I'm a Mets fan, and while I don't quite understand the point of building a stadium that has the exact same dimensions and on-field appearance as the old one, it looks great. I saw a picture of the big screen in center field, and it looked like one of those superimposed scoreboards you see in football games. I also appreciate you not comparing the new stadium to Citi Field. It doesn't matter whose stadium is nicer, just that all New York baseball fans of both affiliations have awesome places to watch games.

  3. LIES AND FABRICATIONS! I took those pictures because Frank was to scared to try and get past the 16 year old usher to get next to the dugout.

    Bryan, I hate the mets, I truly do but from what I have seen Citi field looks amazing. The only problem is they will need a new sign when the name gets changed to "US Treasury Department Field"

  4. I can understand there will be some problems with opening a new facility, such as one with the enormity of a stadium. But really? I feel like messing with a man's food and his bathroom etiquette is like making a car without a windshield and headlights. I know I'm getting my panties in a bunch over amenities and condiments, but isn't that the whole purpose of going to the grandiose ballpark? Boom.

  5. That screen really is sick. Holy crap