Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True

When the initial reports of $6 beers at the New Yankee Stadium came out yesterday, I was thrilled. Even though they only serve schwilly light beer at the Stadium and it's miserably overpriced, it's a lot of fun to hike up to the upper deck and do some day drinking.

Frank, Big Wille Style and I put away our fair share of $9.50 brewskis last year (and $9 the year before) while sitting in our Saturday Package seats in Sec 7, Row M. Despite the fact that we got shut out of our Saturday games this year, I was looking forward to not getting bent over every time I ponied up for a cold one. I thought maybe they were throwing fans a bone because of the economy. Of fucking course not.

As always, New Stadium Insider saw through the P.R. bullshit and discovered that the beers they are offering for $6 are only 12oz, whereas last year it was $9.50 for 20oz. The price per ounce actually increased slightly (from $0.48 to $0.50). Guess we will still be packing a flask of Jameson or Johnnie Walker this year.

Furthermore, our resident Culinary Correspondent HowFresh Eats notified me that Citi Field's food options destroy those at the New Yankee Stadium:

Did you know that that Citi Field is completely outfitted by Danny Meyer? Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and several other spots. While we get Johnny Rockets and Hard Rock. That pisses me off to no end.
Ever heard of Shake Shack? HowFresh did some intrepid reporting on the location near my apartment a few months back. It is out of this world. Take a look at the what fans at Citi Field are going to be able to choose from. Now tell me you wouldn't take those options in a tenth of a second over what they've got in the Bronx.

Like Ben at River Ave. Blues, I'm just not that excited about the food options at the New Digs. I pretty much never ate anything from the Old Stadium (outside of the Stadium Club), but that was because the food was disgusting. They had a chance to start over but kept the same crappy holdovers, I mean... "Traditional Favorites" like Famiglia Pizza, Premio Sausage, Nathan's Famous and Carl's Steaks.

Some new additions sound pretty good, like the Latin Corner (Cuban sandwiches & burritos), Soy Kitchen (sushi), and Noodle Bowls, but I'm probably still going to opt for a quick sandwich from Lenny's and eat it on the subway ride up. When I go to Citi Field though... I'm bringing my appetite.


  1. They have retained 2 of my favorites:

    French's Mustard
    Heinz Ketchup

    I will be able to drown out the taste of anything they are serving.

  2. 12 oz beers means more trips to buy them, since I'm sure you can only get 2 at a time.

  3. I like the new title but truth be told I'll take a ring over enjoyable dining options any day. If it was that easy.

    If I ever make it out to Queens, now I can root for the Phils while enjoying a Shack Burger and a Bird Dog.

    Fuck Lenny's, you got some options around 161st St. Hopefully they will still be in business this coming season. A full and thorough neighborhood review will be coming soon.

    Will the new stadium even allow outside grub? I'd like to believe so but they aren't the most fan-friendly. A couple of seasons ago they wouldn't let me bring in a 24 oz. bottle of Vitamin Water (in plastic). First time that shit ever happened. They said water could be brought in a container that large but not any other liquid. What??? Talk about an arbitrary flex of the muscle. I panicked, took a big swig, shit went down the wrong tube, started choking, then threw up a little. And then entered the gate and enjoyed the game.

  4. I only go to Lenny's because it's 50 feet from my apartment, we are always running late and it's saves time to eat on the subway.

    I've read they will still allow outside food into the New Stadium, but can't remember when/where I saw it.

  5. Anon, they will sell you four at a time if you pound two beers right there in front of them and walk away with the other two...so i have heard.