Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Can't Get There From Here

Ross at New Stadium Insider drums up another detail in the fine print about the New Stadium: Only those with Field Level tickets will have access to the Field Level area and concessions:
We have mentioned before that one of the most enjoyable aspects of going to baseball games is roaming around the stadium and checking out all of the nooks and crannies of the ballpark. Never before have we been to a ballpark that does not let fans explore the concessions on an entire level of the Stadium. We have been to Camden Yards in Baltimore, Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia and Safeco Field in Seattle in the past few years and NONE of those stadiums have this policy.
I'm hoping there aren't any concession stands that are located only on the Field Level, so everyone would have access to everything they wanted to try, but if not, that's the Yankees' loss more than ours.

A lot of the people at the Field Level have the option of having food brought to their seats. Why do can't us commoners come check out the food options and walk around? It's not like people can get down to where the seats are. They are still advertising the availability of "Between the Bases" seats during Spring Training games and elsewhere. The Yankees continue to cater to the endangered species that is "Corporate High Rollers" while telling the average fan where they can stick their New Stadium experience.

Tucked away at the bottom of the Yanks initial press release was the fact that gates would be three hours prior to game time, so fans would presumably be able to take in some batting practice. Ross shoots that one down too. He finds here that "Guests are welcome to watch batting practice from their seat location".

Yup, hurry to the park three hours early so you can sit in your 400 level seats during batting practice and get a head start on getting ripped off on concessions. You wouldn't want to disturb those people in the Field Level, who aren't even going to be there yet.

Or you could just go to Stan's, Billy's, or the Bowling Alley. Your choice.


  1. I am getting more and more disenchanted with all of this. Can't we just go to a game and saunter around, visit friends, scam seats closer if they are available?

    stupid legislation of our fun.

  2. I'm with you, man. I've been really looking forward the New Stadium, but all this crap is bringing it back down to earth for me a little bit...

    Damn you, Ross! (Just kidding, keep up the good work)

  3. So "poor", I mean middle-class parents won't be able to bring their kids to the field level to get autographs and ask for balls?

    I don't know about you, but this was the best thing about going to games when I was a kid.

    Another reason to stay home in Upstate and watch the game in YESHD on my bigscreen.

    Absolutely heinous.

  4. "stupid legislation of our fun."

    You said it. I'm getting so disenfranchised with all of this. Whether it's sports or concerts, the things I enjoy spending my leisure time and money on are becoming increasingly less accessible to me. If I'm willing, as a poor recession-addled consumer, to pony up the already outrageous prices to enjoy your ballgame and all of its inflated concessions, or your live musicianship, shouldn't I at least be given a fair chance to do so?

    Another reason to stay home and watch YESHD? Absolutely? Better off hanging out in Stan's or the Bowling Alley? Personally I prefer the Yankee Eatery, home of the best beer deal on River Ave, but yes, totally.

  5. I think there may be a slight over-analysis of that policy. I think it literally means you can't go to the field level seats without a field level ticket. Just like you "can't" go to section 430 row ZZ without the appropriate ticket.

    I would put money on it that you can go to that food court.

    As for BP, that may be the official policy, but probably won't be enforced 3 hours before the game and if it is, it won't last much past this season.

    Does anyone know if that was standard policy language for the old stadium?

  6. Segregation is back in '09. Fucking ridiculous. I'm just glad that I grew up in the 80's when you could slide down to the first row to see Andre Robertson ground out.

    Hopefully they are lax with this, though I've noticed the Burns security guards getting a bit brollic over the years. I got kicked out last season for cursing in front of a 2 week old sleeping baby. Hope that fucker still has nightmares.

  7. Great show last night.

    Allman Brothers w/Billy Gibbons

  8. Schiff - Amen. Never heard of the Yankee Eatery. Will have to check that out.

    Zoolander - Yeah I was watching on Moogis. Was pumped to hear Goin' Down Slow. One of my favorites off the Duane Allman Anthology.