Friday, May 22, 2009

Bruney Unavailable

Via the same friend who texted me from Springsteen last night comes more news about a fat man. This time it's not funny.

Mike Francesa says Brain Bruney had another MRI on his arm today. It was clean, but Bruney will be unavailable tonight, making a thin bullpen thinner.

Bryan Hoch is reporting that Albaladejo has already been optioned out, but that Wang hasn't been officially activated yet. I wouldn't be surprised now if you see more than just Wang added to the roster for tonight. Berroa would be the only other guy they'd drop at this point I'd imagine.

[UPDATE 5:15 P.M. - This has been confirmed by multiple outlets now. This is why he didn't pitch last night. He may be unavailable tomorrow as well]

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