Friday, May 22, 2009

Breaking News: Yanks' Wang to Get Some Action

This morning came the news that after Joba got drilled last night, the Yankees told CMW to turn around on his trip to Pawtucket.

Now comes the news that Wang will be activated tonight and serve as the long man out of the pen.

"Huh huh. You said 'long wang'"

This marks about the fifteenth different roster move this year that makes absolutely no sense to me. Just yesterday the team said they wanted to see Wang have one more strong outing before activating him. Now because the bullpen is short tonight, they're going to reverse course and use Wang, who has started in all but 3 of his 182 professional appearances, out of the bullpen.

Really? You don't think CMW is too valuable to be jerked around like that? Given how badly he's been beaten this year, I would hope he would be put in a position with a high chance of success upon his return. Instead, in a knee-jerk reaction, he'll be placed in a role with which he has no experience. Meanwhile Melancon and Robertson sit in AAA.

Generally a long man won't be needed, but the Yanks have only two sure things available in the pen tonight (Bruney and Tomko), so we knew a move would be made. Given that Wang was slated to pitch anyway, I'd guess it's a guarantee we see him tonight. It's too early tell what the implications are on the upcoming rotation as it involves CMW, Joba, and Hughes.

None of this is confirmed yet. We'll update you in the game preview later on, including the corresponding roster move.

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