Monday, April 27, 2009

Swept Away

As far as sweeps go, that one was pretty bad. It occurred against the Red Sox, involved a blown save by Mariano Rivera, a fackin' Kevin Youkilis walk-off homer onto Landsdowne St., a grand slam by Jason Varitek, games called by Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan, and the coup de grace, a fucking steal of home by Jacoby Ellsfairy

It's only one run. It didn't decide the game. I'm guessing it probably won't happen again. But that perfectly placed the poo cherry right on top of the shit sundae that was this series. If you look closely at the replays (or watch the end of the slideshow below), you'll see that he tripped about 10 feet from home plate, which actually helped him barely sneak under the tag. The expression on Andy Pettitte's face pretty much says it all: 

It looks like he just watched someone kick his dog. Although, to complete the analogy, Pettitte would have been holding the leash when it happened. 

The only thing that eases the pain is the fact that this weekend was absolutely beautiful this weekend here on the Eastern seaboard, and still is. Would you trade three Yankee wins for three straight days of 50 degrees and rain? I'll get back to you in September. 

It's still April, and the Yanks are 9-9. They are heading to a pitcher's park and will have their ace on the hill tonight. I just hope this is the last sweep at the hands of the Sox this year, because this is (not surprisingly) the only song in my iTunes library that has anything to do with sweeping. 

[Disclaimer: It's only a little over a minute long, but please be sure to remove all sharp objects from your reach, because this show is about three times more depressing than I intended it to be.]


  1. When are you guys just going to admit that your team isn't as good as you thought it was? Or at least admit that you are a little disappointed? I am sick of this "it's only April" and "we're still at %500" crap. The 09 Yankees just don't have that "championship feel".

  2. Not every team has that "championship feel" in April. Have you ever heard of a fellow named Alex Rodriguez? Well he is a pretty good baseball player, and he's going to be back in the line-up fairly soon.

    No Yankees fan is going to pretend to be thrilled with the way they've started, but I'm not a hysterical douchebag who's going to act like everything is fucked after game 18.

    It's baseball. There's a long season with a lot of ups and downs. If you want to read a Yankees blog that is going to overreact to every single thing that happens, so you can get off on it, you're probably in the wrong place.