Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You Happy Now?

Nice work, Manny, you've accepted a deal that you just rejected under a week ago. Please step forward and claim the $5M you earned by forcing your way out of Boston. Hey, at least you got to shove around our anti-namesake in the process...

All it cost you was your hallowed place in the hearts of Red Sox Nation, your competitive integrity and your overall reputation! Isn't it rather heartwarming to see dubious move by a doobie-ous character go up in smoke? The economic environment certainly conspired against him, but karma can certainly be a bitch.

Rejoice, Yankee fans, because he officially will no longer be terrorizing the Yankees to the tune of .321/.411/.618 for 18 games a year. Good riddance Man-Ram, have fun in Cali. Joe Torre tells me the wheatgrass is amazing.


  1. Manny out of the AL/AL East and pissed off Boston fans...whats not to love?

  2. Since when is 5 mil not a big deal? How much did Abreau sign with the Angels for? Oh yeah, the difference in contracts.

    He'll opt out at the end of the year and become a Yankee next year when Damon is gone and we have our lead-off in a little spark plug known as Brett the Jet. (wishful thinking, but I'm forever the optimist)

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  4. Doc - As someone who is pretty fucking broke, I can attest that $5M is no small sum. However, Manny has plenty of scratch and really didn't need to jeopardize his reputation for what amounts to a fairly small share of his career earnings. Maybe he doesn't care, but any reasonable person would probably take a mulligan on that decision.