Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yankees: "Nothing's F___ed Here, Dude"

Part of an email from New York Yankees Ticket News:

Yankees Seats Between The Bases:

We are happy to announce that a limited number of Season Plan seat locations are now available in select infield seating areas between the bases of the new Yankee Stadium. Season Plans between the bases are the best way to ensure the finest general seat locations for 2009, the inaugural season of the new Yankee Stadium.

Buy Seats Between The Bases Now »

Number One: You are not "happy to announce that a limited number of Season Plan seat locations are now available in select infield seating areas...". Yes, we are thrilled that some of the most expensive seats in our Stadium are still unsold!

"A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY"... you hear that, folks? This reminds me of the infomerical for some shitty gold coin or an Obama plate that they are calling a "collector's item".
"Due to strong demand, there is a limit of two victory plates per caller".

Actually, no. Due to weak demand, you have to advertise. Do people really fall for this shit? I can only buy two??? They must be valuable!!! Nevermind the fact that nothing ever purchased on an infomercial or QVC has ever increased in value. They don't sell things that are rare, or that actual collectors want on TV.

They are even having an Open House so you can select the seats!!!!
A limited number of Field Level seats between the bases and Yankees Premium Season Seat Licenses are still available.

Come to Yankee Stadium to meet with a Yankees Account Representative and view the best available locations, which feature spectacular views and numerous amenities. During the Open House Select a Seat, guests will be able to "try-out" seat locations for all ticket packages, including Full and Partial Plans.
"Try-out"? Does that mean you get to, like, sit in them? Get the Yankees to play an exhibition game for people, and you might get some of them to think about dropping a minimum of $325 per ticket.


  1. dude, you're being very un-dude.

  2. Jay, in defense of the Yankees though, us fans are paying the price, pun intended, for their free spending ways and win at all cost attitude. We, the Yankee fans are always demanding, ney, screaming for a 27th championship which my friends, do not come cheap. After shelling out a gazillion dollars to CC, AJ, and Tex, it's not a surprise that prices are going up. People have to pay for the quality on the field. I like this method of price raising over the Mets who raise prices but still field a question mark team therefore trotting out troublesome product (I highly doubt overhype K-Rod and Putz will get them over the hump esp. after their exhaustive play in the WBC).

  3. Myth - I would say that by virtue of the size of the market and the extra merchandise sales, TV ratings on (their own cable network), and the volume of attendence resulting, the Yankees already have a built-in advantage before they start making their tickets more expensive to boot.

    The reason that they are bumping prices is not the free agent spending, though. It's the move to the New Stadium. The prices were already set before they inked any of those guys.

    I don't have a problem with the spending at all, or the pricing structure because I wouldn't sit in the Field Level seats even for $150 ever on my own dime. Just wanted to point out that the pricing structre isn't working, although I was having some fun at their expense.

    And yes, thank God we are not Mets fans.