Monday, March 9, 2009

What Could Go Wrong????

Terrell Owens is going to Buffalo.

“I’m leaving America’s team (for) North America’s team,” Owens said at a news conference.
Do you think he has any idea what winter in Buffalo is like? 93 inches of snow per year. Say it out loud, T.O.: "Ninety three (fucking) inches". Hope you've got a shovel!

“I must move on, and it’s another beginning for me,” Owens said. “If I can be that extra added piece to get them to the playoffs, then that’s what I’m here for. I looked at the defensive side of ball and offensive side of the ball, and these guys have all the pieces.”

Change that quote to the third person and substitute "Roshenhaus" for "Owens" and it will make a lot more sense. And that's not what happened. Drouche got on the phone, called every single team in the NFL, quickly discovered that the Bills were the only ones stupid/desperate enough to sign T.O. for $6.5M and made the move promptly because he couldn't have his flagship client left twisting in the wind, as that would tarnish his reputation.

Just so I've got it in writing, this is going to be a fucking disaster. A hilarious disaster if you are fan of any team other than the Bills.

Stick with this guy, T.O. and you'll be "embracing the city and it's limitless entertainment options" in no time. Although if you're not stoned, I'm not sure how much you are going to like Dave and Buster's.


  1. Glad you posted it!

  2. I actually think this is a great move for both parties. He is fine in his first year and will be extraordinarily motivated for a longer deal that he thinks he can get.

  3. If I know one thing about T.O., it's that he's going to make himself the center of attention at some point, to the detriment of the team. If they get off to a bad start, he's gonna say some stupid shit, I gurantee it.

    Who is going to be their QB? Trent Edwards? Eldorado is going to be writing love letters to Tony Romo by Week 3.

  4. Dallas should try to trade Romo to the Bills.

  5. Beast Mode is by far the coolest player in the NFL. I wish he was on the Giants.