Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Not really, because I'm at work. Living within walking distance of your office has its downsides as well. You can't really use the subways as an excuse to show up late.

But it did "snow" and it is a "day", so I'm going with it. I'm working on a post with a bunch more pictures that I took in the park this morning, so check back later for that.

Ralph the Terrace Bear (next to the grill) assures you it will be good.


  1. I done told y'all mofuckas to read that shit.

  2. I had the same problem this morning. I live within walking distance to work, so I went through the park, took some pics, and got into work 20 minutes late. Good times.

  3. You might as well take your time, cause you know every asshole in your company who lives in Jersey/LI/Brooklyn probably wasn't there yet anyway.

    You shouldn't be penalized for living in the city. Fuck that. Paying what we pay in rent is punishment enough.