Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally [Part II]

I had this thought walking around this morning, but it didn't make it into the previous two posts.

Maybe the reason I like seeing the Manhattan covered in snow so much is that it gives you the chance to catch The City That Never Sleeps quietly nodding off.

The snow cover dulls the sounds that typically reflect off hard surfaces like streets and branches and buildings, so it's literally quieter. Parking is suspended and lots of people from surrounding areas don't come into work. I still walked here, but I can tell by the amount of pedestrain traffic on Central Park West that most people opt for the subway. Today, the infamous line at Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center was non-existent.


Completely random food-realted aside: This is too good not to mention. At Whole Foods today, they have Creole Shrimp Fritters for $7.99 a lb. I got 5 for $2.88. If you are in the area, get 'em while they're hot, because if you ordered them in a restaurant, they'd cost $10 at least.


The only wall hangings at the Lenny's location around the corner from our apartment (shown in the top picture) are pictures of NYC in the snow. I'm not sure if all their spots are similarly decorated, but it's really cool.

I wasn't down here for the 26.9" dumping in 2006, but I have been assured by Sampson and others that it was epic. Not everyone likes the snow as much as I do, and part of the allure for me was having to wait so damn long to really see it. I'm still holding out hope for one more shut-down-the-city style storm before I'm done with this place.

Damn, I'm going to miss you when that time comes, NYC.


  1. easily the best shoutout i've ever received. And I do like snow, I just like it while it's falling, or after it has already fallen and I'm looking at it in pretty pictures. Not so much when it's covering everything with an icy, slushy, hazardous wintry mixture, or when 20+ mph wind gusts blow it stinging into my eyes like tiny icy daggers as I stagger to work and wonder why, why oh why did jay wear his pajamas inside out and backwards last night like a total asshat?? Run-on sentences rule.
    Schiff, OUT.

  2. Hahaha thanks dude. Your post was basically the only thing I had time to read today.

    I hear you, not everyone likes the snow and it was pretty fucking windy and frigid too.

    For the record, I sleep naked, so it wasn't me.

  3. Albeit, I like the non sports posts, especially when I skip over mostly all the yankees posts, there must be shit going on in the sports world to write aobut the white powder (and no not the white powder Clapton sings of).

    With a foot and a half of snow outside my window, I'm thinking of warm weather. Take it easy brotha.

  4. "I hear you, not everyone likes the snow"

    You did not hear him.

    "Schiff said... And I do like snow, I just like it while it's falling, or after it has already fallen and I'm looking at it in pretty pictures."

  5. I do not like the ending of that post, AT ALL!