Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breaking News: A-Rod Out for 6-9 Weeks for Hip Surgery

Per the Yankees, and not ESPN Deportes, A-Rod will have surgery on his right hip on Monday and will be out for 6-9 weeks. This surgery is "less major" than the surgery that would have required him to miss 4 months and which will occur at the end of the season.

Rodriguez will undergo the surgery on Monday morning in Vail, Colo., having the procedure performed by hip specialist Dr. Marc Philippon. Rodriguez is expected to return to Major League game-ready shape in six to nine weeks.

"The goal here is to allow Alex to rehab rapidly in a safe manner," Dr. Philippon said. "The approach we're using is much safer than letting Alex play the way he is now."

I was originally critical of Alex for "being selfish" and deciding to have the surgery done on Company Time. However, the blame is clearly on the Yankees and their doctors for not discovering this defect earlier in time despite his hip nagging him last year.

As a typically "risk-adverse" individual, I think that this procedure will be the best. Missing 1 month of the season is obviously better than missing 4 months. And instead of doing nothing and risking a career-ending injury that would royally fack Los Yankees, the labrum will be stabilized.

Get well soon, Alex. Maybe T.O. with his new deal with the Buffalo Bills, will be able to buy you a hyperbaric chamber.


  1. Probably best to have some of that time coincide with Spring Training as opposed to pushing it and having something pop up in-season. Hopefully the Yanks start of well without him and he provides somewhat of a boost in early May or something.

    I'm guessing when he comes off the DL, he's going to be flown in on a helicopter in the top of the first for dramatic purposes, just to make sure that he's still the center of attention.

  2. If that happens, then something like this happens.